wet coating on floors

Have wet coating on floors but want tiled with under floor heating. Some plumbers claim that the coating acts as a membrane others . What is correct?
Will a wet coating cause the casting of ” swim ” in the water? Can this be combined with under floor heating lead to ” basement smell” ?

Generally works well as flooring membrane – if it is waterproof so it is . It is actually the best membrane one can get. Have you showered on the floor earlier and there have been leaks , then the membrane in order. Yes – the casting will be moist. But that does not mean there is anything wrong in it. And when you then come to the heating element , it tends not to cause mistake, but there are some heating cables that are more sensitive to moisture than others.

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Contact your electrician or those leading heating to listen more closely. There have been some complaints about this. Smell I have never heard of. It’s not so much water that it causes odor problems. Then it must be other reasons. The water will drain out . NB ! This is of course dependent on the fall of the coating down to the casting . It is not so easy that you can cast to fall over – it is the membrane that must have fall. Is the membrane coating flat must take it up, molding below, so that it becomes vertical .

What you must not do is let the old coating lie , cast again and add new membrane on top. When the shutter to moisture between two membranes. Then it can become smelly. There will only be a diaphragm in the floor. Remember good compression of concrete look BVN 31020 . ( screeds ) .

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