how to insulate an attic roof of the House

how to insulate an attic roof of the House In the category Home Insulation Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about how to insulate an attic roof of the House.

The comfort of living in a house depends on many factors, and one of the important points include questions of reliability and proper how to insulate an attic roof. For the visionary owner will not be a secret that correct hydro-and thermal insulation roof will save finances for heating the House. After all, as practice shows, about 20% of heat loss is also wrong and insufficiently insulate an attic roof.

The market of building materials offers a rich selection of insulating materials, and hence decide what and how to insulate an attic roof of the House, You will not be difficult. In pursuit of savings, don’t forget to learn the characteristics of the purchased material. These include resistance to different factors, ranging from the impacts of climate and finishing mechanical loads.

With popular heaters can be noted and glass fiber board, particle mineral wool and foam. Their difference from each other lies in the degree of thermal conductivity and durability, water and environmental friendliness. Novice to understand all the intricacies difference characteristics is difficult, so the best option to solve this problem would be to consult a specialist.

If you look on the characteristics, the most popular mineral wool insulation will. They not only withstand temperatures of over 1000 degrees, but also prevent the accumulation of steam, do not absorb moisture and are not subject to deformation. In addition, this heater has high sound insulation and can be used on any type of roof.

how to insulate an attic roof of the House


From the choice of material, we decided. Now look at how to insulate the roof, depending on the type of roof. If the roof is flat – you can insulate both external and internal way. From the outside easier, but it will have to consider certain factors. For example, you have to calculate or supporting structure will withstand the weight of the roof insulation and extra weight.

When warming pitched roofs make air layer that separates the roofing of the insulating material. Also, don’t forget about isolating layer necessary for preventing ingress of the couple in the roof.

how to insulate an attic roof – Normally the heater is placed on the rafters, rarely – between the rafters. If the thermal insulation is placed in the already finished, mounted the roof, then the heater is placed under the rafters.

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