Why earthworm crawl to the surface during rain?

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Why earthworm crawl to the surface during rain – Urban residents only during rain in the ground and faced with these animals . Yes, and often too rustic . Otherwise I would not have called worms so , when and cities that did not exist. What do worms in their underground , few people interested. It is believed that they accomplish in the soil moves on which to plant roots penetrate the air and water.

And only recently, as scientists largely been established role of worms in soil formation , they were even specially bred . First of these animals with soil fertility linked in 1789 the English naturalist Gilbert White . Charles Darwin also engaged in this issue and in the paper “On the formation of topsoil ,” published in 1831, outlined the theory of mixing worms soil layers .

Indeed , worms when digging your moves swallow its mineral and organic components, passed through his stomach , eat and throw out the other side in the form of lumps , coprolites ( from the Greek words “kopros” – ” manure ” and “lithos” – ” Stone ” ) . Some of these lumps can be seen on the ground around the entrances of the burrows of worms , and some remains underground. Conversely, at night worms come to the surface , take the remains of fallen leaves and other organic substances , dragged them into the ground and eat them .

In the 50- ies of the last century, biologists have conducted an experiment . In the box with glass walls poured half light earth , and the top as much humus. Stamped and started there a few worms . A month later passages were dug , and a light layer there are many dark coprolite . And after three months all soil in the box was the same color and increased in volume due to loosening .

Why earthworm crawl to the surface during rain?

But the main discoveries were made ​​later. Worms are not just passed through the soil itself , but also enrich it with its unique biologically active intestinal microflora . In addition, the interstitial fluid of earthworms has cytolytic and antibacterial activity. List all the substances it is impossible – only protein contains 40 items. Thus , soil, worms processed , nothing artificial can not be replaced . She creates the most favorable conditions for plants . By the way, the worms themselves , constantly rotting in a pathogenic environment , almost never get sick .

Scientists were able to isolate from the tissues of worms enzymes that possess powerful disinfecting and cleansing properties. These natural organic products are already being used to clean the pipes and machines in the food industry , for washing, as cleaners in hospitals , restaurants . Effective they were in the dry cleaners to clean clothes from organic pollutants. Already there are road shampoos, body cleansers easily , especially grilles from adhering insects. There are shampoos and even toothpaste . See – buy. Earthworms even started breeding for commercial purposes on special farms .

And why did the worms crawl out in the rain to the surface? Very simple, not to suffocate – water fills their burrows. By the way, they do not have lungs – oxygen enters through the thin skin moist .

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