Computer Repair Do It Yourself Computer Repair Free Computer Repair Instructions

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Today, every family has at least one computer or laptop, using which many of us are family accounts , doing work at home and go out into a worldwide network .

Students use computers for writing term papers and dissertations , research and educational information processing , and to introduce today a commercial organization or a production company without an office , equipped with modern technology , it is simply impossible . Of course, from time to time with such high-tech equipment problems , which can often be solved only computer wizard .

Very often in damage or malfunction occurring inside this product is quite fragile high-tech lead not only long-term operation , but also to attack virus software , not able to properly handle the delicate equipment users . In addressing such issues, you can help computer specialist , who will not only help to understand, which is why there was a failure , but also tells you what software you need , as well as give advice on proper care of the expensive equipment .

One of the significant advantages of modern computer services is their efficiency – computer wizard will come to your office or apartment for a couple of hours , in most cases, providing further down the computer. Well trained computer specialist will help avoid many problems associated with stopping production processes in enterprises , saving large sums of money for you . A computer wizard , who is a specialist in the installation and configuration of software will give recommendations on how to better harness the power of paid programs , and reduce costs through the installation of new versions.

If you – a normal user , not a computer expert , you will be quite difficult to sort out the right of the computer and how it works . But even if spending a lot of time and effort to the study of the problems you think you have successfully removed it, it does not mean that your computer works perfectly. To clarify the situation will help computer wizard , and it is best to invite him before your equipment will require expensive intensive care, and lost information is usually worth far more than the services of a specialist – urgent restoration .

After buying a computer do not forget a few important rules – they will help you to increase the life of the equipment and to avoid many problems.

1. Do not discard the disc with information , technical documentation and packaging of the acquired technology – in this case, all warranty necessarily need the service center , with a further maintenance of the computer may ask you and a computer specialist .

Computer Repair

2 . Inside the computer inevitably settle the finer dust particles , so the smooth operation of your computer should be cleaned system unit by removing the plastic cover . If the warranty period has not yet ended , the seal can be installed to remove a specialist service center, which was acquired technology . Otherwise, the cleaning system integrator can use a soft brush and a vacuum cleaner working in the blowing mode . Clean the system unit is not less than once per quarter.

3 . Do not forget to clean the monitor. To remove dust and dirt , wipe it after removing from the network , using a soft dry cloth . They are available and special microfiber cloth to ensure the perfect care for TFT monitor.

4 . It is also necessary to clean the CD \ DVD- drives. If the information is read from disk is slower than before , the reason – in the contamination of the laser head . To resolve this issue, you must purchase a special cleaning disc and run it several times in the drive.

5 . Do not forget to clean the dust and debris keyboard and peripherals – the most effective way is to clean the special  napkins, which can be purchased at computer stores and service centers. To remove the waste disconnect panel with keys, shake out the accumulated dust and gently rinse the inside panel . Do not remove the key separately – so you can avoid problems with the restoration of the layout.

6. One of the most difficult moments in the care of your assistant – cleaning and lubrication coolers. Once in the system unit appear knocks, followed by a loud noise – it’s time to clean the fans rushed . If the warranty has not expired, or you doubt their engineering capabilities , will help to make this operation a computer wizard . To solve the problem yourself to arm with a Phillips screwdriver , cotton , alcohol , brush, syringe and machine oil. Thoroughly clean the cooler removed from the dust using a brush  , and then by removing the sticker in the center of the cooler , there drip a little lube . Put the sticker back – after the fan noise from the system unit should disappear or become less intense.

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