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Elevate Your Living Space with Stunning Duplex Interior Design

What can you expect from an interior design salary

Designing a duplex offers an exciting opportunity to create a dynamic living space across multiple levels. Here are some ideas to elevate your duplex interior design: Open Floor Plan: Consider an open layout for shared spaces like the living room, dining area, and kitchen. This creates a sense of spaciousness and connectivity between levels. Distinct […]

how to grow strawberries

how to grow strawberries

Strawberry is very beautiful, versatile Berry. This plant is not very meticulously to the conditions in which grows and is able to bear fruit without having to care for themselves. Well, if it is to provide this care, then she will bring a lot of large, fragrant, delicious and healthy fruits. Despite all the improved […]

Dresser Mirror dressing mirror with drawers

Dresser Mirror dressing mirror with drawers

Our plan of restoration work on the chest, we painted on the external surface of the drawers Dresser mirror, inside of the boxes tissue. the first phase of the refurbishment of the old chest, we need to thoroughly clean it. To do this, remove the old furniture accessories and carefully trim the entire surface with […]

Inside drawers design Ideas pictures remodel decor

Painted chest of drawers in white outside and inside in green. After two hours previously painted white paint in the color purple. After two more hours of sands purple, you paint in your drawers? Do you like the look of painted Interior, be sure to paint the inside edges where the doors and drawers go. […]

Do it Yourself ideas for the restoration furniture

wicker furniture outdoor wicker furniture clearance

Do it Yourself ideas for the restoration furniture Some more ideas for the restoration of furniture. Instead of a mirror for chest, you can use a ready mirror tiles. With the restoration of furniture, paint, and repair of do it yourself, choose the best paint, concrete, bricks & tiles, fabric, and restore the surface of […]

Chest Of Drawers Design Ideas Pictures Remodel

Chest Of Drawers Design Ideas Pictures Remodel

For the renovation of an old chest of drawers can be used not only to mirror, but the mirror plastic. Amazing quality of mirrored chest is to be “invisible” while its large capacity. It’s easy to convert old Dresser out dated, side table or headboard to a beautiful, mirror can also use spray paint on […]

The design of lighting in your home

Benefit when replacing fluorescent lighting

The lighting is often considered part of the finishing touches to the furnishing of your home. In reality, however, the lighting must be provided in the initial stages of the process in interior design. This is because the electrical contacts must be near the place where the lights are included, and where the Central lighting […]

Beading is a form of decorative art

decorative effect with a wall fountain

Beading is a form of decorative art. Needlework and jewellery and art products. The beads are not only decorative, but also structural and technical. Its technology is unique in nature. Beads has started in ancient Egypt. Beads were used as mother of Pearl, and pearls. It was mined in large quantities in rivers. Used to […]