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What is My Annuity Worth?

variable rate annuity

What is My Annuity Worth? What is my worth the annuity? An annuity is a term most commonly used by the business, but it may not be clear to all the others. A financial product which is sold by financial institutions that are designed to accept and grow also funds from any individual. Then pay […]

Sell Payments and Receive Cash

How to sell your annuity payments

Sell Payments and Receive Cash The sale and receipt of cash payments We understand that it is your choice when you get your money, how to spend your money. This is the reason we are here when you decide that you want to pay a large sum of cash fast instead of waiting for your […]

Sell as a life annuity

How to sell your annuity payments

Sell as a life annuity Buy an annuity for income over a period of time. You pay a lump sum or fixed amounts to the insurance company for a guarantee of payment from now or sometime in the future. Ensure pensions payments for your life or for a specific period of time beyond your lifetime. […]

House not put for sale

Pension news sale

House not put for sale There are currently a record number of homes for sale. This brings an even greater damage to the housing market. This is especially true for sellers who try to amount too high for their home. There is a split between house owners who must sell their house “, and” their […]

Sell annuity or eats mortgage?

Sell my annuity why sell now?

Sell annuity or eats mortgage? Stone factories There are several ways for seniors to their income to thicken when they are willing to cede their home. Mark Van de Woestijne put some possibilities at a glance. Are the perfect solutions for the “poor rich”, namely the older person, who owned (one), but that should life […]

Cash flow notes for sale is a safe investment?

How do I calculate the Investment Profits

Cash flow notes for sale is a safe investment? Cash flow notes for sale offers a variety of investment opportunities. Currently, there are more than sixty types of cash flow notes. The most common types include real estate, land contracts, the seller carry back mortgages, business notes, and structured settlements. Buy cash flow notes for […]

Reasons to sell structured settlement annuity

How to sell a structured payment solution

Reasons to sell structured settlement annuity When emergency, people need money immediately, they can not wait for your annuity payments. It’s a good thing because, there are several companies in the market who are willing to buy your annuity structured solution so that you can have cash when most needed. There are several reasons why […]

Sell your annuity

Sell home against an annuity

Sell your annuity Don’t wait-get quick cash sale your annual payment today! Structured settlements are nice and innovative advisory tool can provide many advantages to all parties in litigation. You should take into account all approaches to design. Will buy all or part of your premium payments a sovereign funding and pay you a lump […]

Structured settlements

keep this in mind if you want to sell your structured settlements

Structured settlements What is “structured settlement”? Structured settlements are a means to compensate victims of damage to reach a settlement between the parties before reaching trial. A structured settlement is a voluntary agreement between the two parties, and the settlement is usually the plaintiff and the defendant, which compensates the injured person for damages in […]