How to change the drum bearings washing machine [repair]

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How to change the drum bearings washing machine

Washing machine. like any complex mechanism tends to break down. Of course, any part, but usually most susceptible to damage parts bearing a strong physical activity, for example, you might need to repair or replace the bearings of the washing machine. Determine what bearing down very easily. If you use a washing machine appeared strange knocking noise, as well as increased vibration, you will likely need to replace the bearing.

If you know how to repair household appliances, the bearing you can replace yourself. And we’ll show how to do it correctly.

Neat tool

What kind of tool is needed to replace the bearing? It primarily depends on the features of the device of your unit. Because different types of machines internal device varies greatly, so we advise you arm yourself with the following instrument:

keys, size 12 to 19;
socket wrench set the same size;
set of hex (Allen) keys;
rubber hammer;
Hammer regular;
flat and Phillips screwdrivers (preferably of different sizes);
adjustable wrench;
grease litol-24;
bearing or plain blunt chisel;
replacement shaft seal and bearing of the drum of the washing machine.

Also during repair, you may need to tape, sealant, rags. If there is no rubber, you can use a regular hammer and a small wooden block, this will help avoid damage to shock us and flaring when removing the shaft.

The procedure works works

The most important rule when making repairs, since you have to disassemble the washer almost entirely is the record in detail, and even better to photograph the sequence of disassembly process, then there was no problem with the Assembly and there were no “extra” parts. If you have a front loading washing machine with camera, your actions will be as follows:

disconnect the machine from the utilities (water, electricity, plums).
Unscrew and remove the rear and top panel, sequencing is looking from the design features of your machine.
Dismount the dispenser.
Then, unscrewing the fastening screws, remove the control unit.
Open the door and remove the clamp the cuff, then carefully fill cuff inside.
You can then release the lock.
Then, removing all remaining fasteners, remove the front wall.
Next remove all that prevents weakening of the clamp.
The next thing you need to remove the counterweight.
After removing the counterweight should be crucial moment — removal of Petn. When dismantling the PETN pay attention on how to connect wires (better to make photo, last burn on paper).
After you do this, you must remove all that connects the tank to the drum casing (pipes, wires, drive belt) and turn off the engine.
Then GAT engine and here you can remove drum and tank are ready to replace the bearings on a washing machine.

Tank drum, for ease of manipulation, it is best to migrate on a solid table, so you can replace the bearing.

Direct disassembly of the tank and replace the bearing

Now we will describe step by step disassembly process directly to the drum and how to replace the bearing. If you have coped with the dismantling of the washing machine, then disassembly drum and bearing replacement will not be for you. The important thing is to carry out all works very neatly and thoroughly memorize the entire process of disassembly.
Free up space around the drum, to you nothing.

How to change the drum bearings washing machine

In order to avoid damage, it is best to remove the rubber seal, previously cancelling on the foredeck of the drum its marker location.

Then turn the drum pulley up tank, for the convenience of its dismantling. Unscrew the bolt holding the pulley to the shaft and remove the pulley.
Then you need to drown the shaft, for this we need a rubber hammer, if you don’t have it, you can perform this operation and simple with a hammer. So as not to damage the shaft of his best knock over wooden brusok.

Freeing up the shaft should spin the drum, the tank itself and then gently separate it into two halves. Now we can freely replace the bearings in the washing machine.
First, you need to thoroughly remove impurities and wipe all the working parts of the washing machine. Then inspect the removed parts for additional damage.
If you have verified that everything is OK with the help vybojnika or around blunt chisel knocks bearing.
Remove the old gaskets.
Lubricates the nest bearing Lithol-24.
Then install the packing glands, and using the hammer and bearing.

That’s all. We were able to independently change the bearing in the washing machine. After that, we just play all the actions taken by us in the reverse order. Especially note the Assembly tank drum. To avoid leakage, installation should be carried out very carefully and when connecting the two parts of the tank be sure before connection place joint profusely cover the sealant.

Replace the bearing in the washing machine with vertical load is done the same way, taking into account its specific constructional features.
There are washing machines not folding tanks, repair is best carried out by specialist workshops.
Since replacing bearing them is an order of magnitude more complex repair, requiring skills in cutting and soldering tank. Therefore it is better to entrust a professional change bearing in such a complex case.

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