How to repair a washing machine ?

How to repair a washing machine ?

Washing machines have crept into the daily lives of every household and have become an indispensable tool. Most households now have one , and its usefulness is undeniable. Indeed, it greatly facilitates household chores , combining the speed and efficiency. Also, when fails, most users do not know how to fix it. This is why knowledge of the most likely origin of these failures is important to remedy itself.

As the washing machine has become a commonplace tool is when it falls down you realize the importance of this equipment. Various reasons can lead to a malfunction and take cognizance can repair itself. In fact, these failures can occur frequently as the use of the machine, and find a professional can take time and money . But above all , we must understand the operation of your device. In principle, they are divided into two categories even if their operation is the same : those who are responsible in front and those who are responsible for it. The clothes inserted into the machine are pulled in through the side stirrer and are rubbed in water and detergent . Thereafter , small holes called bucket load water from outside to inside and vice versa for the dirty water to assist in the removal of dirt . Thus, some common abnormalities washing machines may occur , causing outages. But when you know the circuit, it is easier to determine the source of the problem.

Problem filter and drain

Sometimes the water does not rise when the machine is used, or vice versa, then it overflows the machine is idle. This can happen because of textile residues are glued filters and they are clogged . Other reasons are valid , such as the failure at the water line or the machine door is not locked. Therefore, before using the device , a check must be made on locking the door, and the filters are clean. If you find that the flow of water is slow or non-existent , the filters must be cleaned . To do this , simply comply with the manufacturer’s instructions . However, if the problem persists , it may be necessary to replace the filter. If it is not a failure of the filter while driving water problem is the valve that can be involved. It is thus necessary to replace the damaged part and at the same time take the opportunity to remove limescale in your machine with vinegar. Finally, it also happens that the waste water is difficult to remove . In this case, the pipe may be the cause , as it can be blocked or that the machine keeps the water out. The solution for this is just to verify that the machine does not interfere with drainage and also check the circulation in the pipe.

Electrical problem

When the machine does not start, the electrical circuit is often the problem . Make sure however that you started the right program and the plug is fully inserted . Subsequently, if these conditions are met , the device is to check at the fuses or switches may be faulty . Sometimes the electrical outlet does not work anymore , as the system. If you are a connoisseur , check out all these elements and make the necessary repairs by replacing parts. However, some machines require high voltage to operate. In this case, the problem may be a drop in voltage at the power supply and not the machine. Remember to try to restart it at another time to be sure . Finally, the age of the equipment may cause engine wear and thus frequent breakdowns . In this case, two solutions are proposed: to replace the engine or replacing the machine. However, the cost of the engine depends on the brand and this can be costly as a new machine. You should contact your vendor to learn about the various options and decide on the best alternative.

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