Wall-mounted air conditioners

When we say “air conditioner”, we most often mean a wall split system. And no wonder. It is these climate systems that are most common, they have the largest range of uses and the widest range of capacities. Any family, any organization in our time can buy an air conditioner, focusing on their needs and capabilities.

What is the advantage of wall-mounted air conditioners?

The split system schematically consists of two blocks – external and internal. The indoor unit is located inside the air-conditioned room, as a rule, it has an elegant shape and functions silently.

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Hotpoint-Ariston air conditioners and split systems

The outer side is located on the street. As a rule, its position is determined by the length of the route between the blocks and the features of the architecture. When installing the air conditioner, our specialists will tell you the best location of the internal and external units. Installation of the split system includes the installation of internal and external units, the installation of a sealed route and control cables, drainage output and connection to the network.

Wall-mounted devices are air conditioners – split systems, the price of which varies in a wide range and depends on many parameters. Wall-mounted air conditioners are the most common type of air conditioning systems, more commonly they are called split systems. Wall-mounted air conditioning (split system of wall type), consists of an external unit, which is located on the street, and an indoor unit.

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