How to glue tile to drywall

How to glue tile to drywall

Drywall is an ideal material for banding, while at the same time glue tile on drywall, you can follow a few simple rules. In the bathroom and toilet walls must be done with a moisture-resistant drywall, as well as the application of glue when you tile on drywall a minimum, then the quality of the walls should be at a high level, that is, there should be a sustained level of installation plates of plasterboard both horizontally and vertically. While stirring the glue for tiles it is necessary to make it not very thick. Front sticker wall tiles should be primed, and the joints of the drywall to lay the Ribbon using putty for joints. When alignment of walls using profiles, the guides should be installed through 40 centimeters, to provide the necessary rigidity of the drywall sheets.

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Glue tile on drywall can be conventional adhesive for tile type Ceresit CM-17. start as well as during normal banding tiles on the wall.

When tiling the kitchen usually used so-called “working area”, since it makes no sense to lay all the tiles on the wall, which most will be closed kitchen furniture.

How to glue tile to drywall

Sticker floor-tiles stepping back doing 75-80 cm and a height of 65-70 cm, bottom edge of the tiles at the following location close tables and table top, and the top edge of the hanging cabinets.

Set the level on which we glued tile, how to do it here, then by a fasten the straight rail, you can use a profile for drywall, and begin to glue tiles, read how to glue tiles. How do you see the paste tile on drywall is not too difficult as it may seem at first glance.

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