Steps ideas renovation bathroom decor without cost

Steps and ideas for the renovation bathroom decor without the cost

Light colors for bathrooms with small space

– Instead of changing the ceramic bathroom, a national change the color of the walls phenomenon only commensurate with ceramic color , you should choose light colors to give a large space for bathrooms with small space . To complete your bathroom decor elegance ; choose a bathtub curtain color suitable for bathroom decor colors generally so as to give an attractive look . Thus, you get a new decor to your bathroom with the exploitation of its own space .

wallpaper in your bathroom

– If you use wallpaper in your bathroom, I know that the use of dark colors in the bathrooms with small space appears limited space ; always tried to stay away from dark colors in general. So always try when you renew your bathroom choose light – colored wallpaper, with the introduction of its white color , as the white color is one of the more colors that give a sense of the large space as it brings elegance and gives comfort to the eye. This along with the introduction of some delightful colors as pink and light green for the purposes of the bathroom , which gives more beauty and elegance. Put a large mirror above the bath tub because it reflects the rest of the bathroom and give more space , my unit also because the elegant lighting and lighting units of the most important factors that complete bathroom decor .

The presence of small tiles green color such that no serious image gives a narrow space. This when you renew your bathroom , use white color without introducing another color to paint like that exists in the image. As a kind of national renewal enter through the yellow color purposes and bathroom accessories such as towels, window curtains, and lighting unit , curtain Bathtub vases with white color which gives a feeling of joy and elegance . As for the lighting units and holder purposes it is possible to enter the black color more of elegance and beauty. If you Makers bath tub inside the unit archiving purposes , try to do without and save space and upon renewal of my bath tub only unit without archiving purposes in order you get a larger area.

Steps ideas renovation bathroom decor without cost

units for your bathroom in brown

– If keeping units for your bathroom in brown , national change it to white because the white color gives the beauty and elegance of the decor as it gives a sense of eye sizeable space. As for the traditional mirror that we changed try to exploitation of women to be the new portfolio is also for your own purposes and for your family as Discount perfume , make-up tools and creams at the same time take care of your beauty mirror . And do not forget to use a simple lighting units instead of the traditional large-sized even give a beautiful and attractive look to your bathroom decor .

– With minimal effort you can enlarge your small bathroom space ; portfolio by replacing the purposes of the bathroom , which take up too much space with smaller ones and are enough to save all purposes .

– Instead of putting a large unit for the purposes of keeping bathroom that occupy a large area of the bathroom , use a small – sized baskets and this can you keep your bathroom purposes necessary as you provide a good space for a small bathroom space.

– As if there is no space to save the rest of purposes; you can use the seat simple and elegant made ​​of natural wood and put it your purposes as towels, shampoo and other but do not try to put a large unit size for archiving purposes so do not you get a backfire is the continuing lack of space .

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