Mobile sensor SH-055ULD mobile phone sensor

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The device consists of a sensor, the sensor signals and light panel . Using a special scanning device detects circuit mobiles working with the issuance of the signal at the inclusion of light shade .

Detection range of mobile phones is 18 meters radius of the device.
Upon detection of cell phones, lights illuminated board , stating the inadmissibility of the use of cell phones.

The light display is turned off automatic after 10 seconds. The user can set the light panel film with its warning message.

job Description
1. Connect the power adapter to the sensor signals and plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet .
2 . Connect the sensor signals and illuminated display .
3 . Lift up the antenna ( consists of one section, do not try to push ) and turn the sensor signals.
4 . Will turn on green LED located on the left. This means that the sensor is working properly.

Setting the sensitivity / range acts
To reduce the sensitivity , turn the sensitivity clockwise. To increase sensitivity , turn the sensitivity adjuster counterclockwise.

Mobile sensor SH-055ULD

1. Sensitivity control is also used to eliminate background noise ( interference).
2 . If in the area where the sensor is used , there are sources of interference cut one LED signal intensity .
3 . In this case, you should reduce the sensitivity of the sensor by turning the sensitivity adjuster clockwise , until such time as there is only included the leftmost green LED .
4 . Upon detection of a mobile phone , will cut one LED in the following order: from greenish to yellowish and reddish to demonstrating signal intensity.
5 . Immediately turn backlit display with a message warning about the work of a mobile phone.
6. Light display automatic switch off after 10 seconds.

Power – Power Adapter 12V DC 500mA
The frequency of detection – Standards 800/900 MHz – 1.8 / 1.9 GHz
Warning mode – for 10 seconds on the light board silently warning message is displayed
Sensitivity control – eliminates interference ( background noise )
Detection range – mobile phone more than 18 m

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