Your roof needs to be repaired ?

Your roof needs to be repaired ?

Regardless of the matter of which made ​​your roof , its surface periodically require maintenance . We recommend to inspect the roof at least twice a year. If you have to clean and repair the roof more often , perhaps , it shows that there are any problems.

Metal roof does not give much trouble . Unlike other roofing materials , e.g. cement or sand, shingles , dirt and dust adhere to the metal roof surface . Furthermore , the steel roof virtually moss grows . The steel roof is easy to clean , and it can withstand any weather conditions.

Much better in time to repair or upgrade the roof, than to take immediate action in the event of serious problems. If you have any problems with the roof , it is recommended not to delay their decision . Putting aside the decision of the problem , you may end up with a much more expensive to pay by eliminating the effects of roof leaks . Therefore it is better to act in a timely manner , without having to wait too late.

The presence of traces of moisture on the interior and exterior walls of the house , as well as the internal structure of the roof is usually a sign that needs urgent repairs to the roof leaks, and / or that your roof drainage system is not working properly.

Determine the source of leaks are usually quite simple : Check the roof for damaged , loose or missing screws, bad connection bars and the presence of other conspicuous damage. Such a test should be done regularly , because abrupt changes in weather conditions negatively affect the inter-element connections and fasteners .

Your roof needs to be repaired

It is also necessary to verify that there is enough ventilation inside the roof structure . Poor air circulation , along with the accumulation of moisture can cause serious damage to the frame of the roof.

In identifying serious problems, such as damage to the roof elements or accumulation of moisture , it is necessary to communicate with experts who can advise how best to eliminate these problems , and how to repair the roof.

Thermal insulation is the most important component of your home : good insulation and sealing of the roof construction can keep the house warm in winter and cool in summer . Good insulation also ensures lower costs for heating and air-conditioning facilities.

Detect poor insulation in the winter quite easily. If you see icicles hanging from the eaves or roof slopes , but the snow has melted on it , then there is a loss of heat and the need to improve the thermal insulation of the roof.

You can most effectively improve the thermal insulation of the roof, performing work under the overall restoration of the roof, thus saving time and money.

In order to have safe access to the roof , install safety features . Maintenance of your roof will be safe only in the presence of all necessary equipment . Safety elements include roof ladders , roof bridges and snow stops .

Snow guards to prevent sliding down snow and ice from the roof to the people standing at the bottom , the stairs can be used for evacuation in case of fire . In some countries, the use of safety elements of the roof is stipulated by law, therefore , you must first check the availability of the relevant requirements of the local authorities .

Check out all the security elements of the roof (ladders , roof bridges , snow guards ) they must not protrude beyond the roof and shall be securely fastened. During the test check all the other accessories are located on the roof, and make sure they are fixed properly.

Remember that the safety features are designed to protect you , your roof and others.

Prior to the 80s . in the manufacture of roofing materials asbestos was widely used , so still on the roofs of many houses and public buildings there are materials containing asbestos – slate or slate tiles .

Roofing materials containing asbestos is not dangerous if they are in good , very good condition. If you suspect that you have on your roof materials containing asbestos, contact our experts for advice before you start a project for the restoration of the roof.

During the restoration or demolition of an old roof slate may be harmful effects of asbestos fibers on people. Asbestos can cause serious health problems, especially lung problems . Therefore, when removing the roof of slate or slate tile requires the services of specialists.

A new roof will significantly improve the appearance of the house as a whole. Refurbish the roof of the house before selling it , you can attract more buyers and sell a home faster.

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