Control marketing system in the implementation of marketing plans

Control marketing system in the implementation of marketing plans

Geographical organization allows traders to focus on specific geographic market. With this organization sales agents can live within its territory, it is better to know their clients and work effectively with minimum costs in time and money on travel.

Using wide terms companies of commodities or a variety of branded goods for commercial production organization (commodity-grade), which does not replace professional organization representing another level of Government. Every product manager develops its production plans and to oversee and monitor the results. This is justified in cases where the manufacturer’s products differ from each other, there are many different types of goods.

The organization provides for the principle of the market for the sale of goods to a specific assortment in various markets: individual consumers, businesses and Government agencies or railway companies, construction industry, public and services industries, etc, using this organization is desirable in situations where different markets have different buying habits, or product preferences. Market manager supervises the work of several conservatives in certain markets, and is responsible for the development of perspective and annual plans and sales and other types of professional activities. Take advantage of this system is that its company regarding the needs of consumers, and market components, specialist sectors to work with schools, colleges, hospitals, etc.

Organization principle of commodity market-companies that sell lots of different products to many different markets.

The company’s products and market managers, any application of an organization called the matrix.

Control marketing system. Marketing plans (to be confident in the ultimate marketing goals)

should be 3 types of marketing control:
Control over the implementation of annual plans help to ensure that the company goes all indicators in the annual plan.

Control marketing system in the implementation of marketing plans

Control of profitability in the periodic analysis of actual profitability of different products, and consumer groups, marketing channels, the volume of orders, to enhance the impact of various marketing activities.

Control over the implementation of strategic installations involves taking periodic “undo” for critical evaluation of the general approach of the company in the market.