Central dust removal systems

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Every day we are forced to suffer from dust in homes, which harms our health, causing allergic reactions, as well as spoiling equipment.

It is in order to eradicate the problem of dust removal, you need central dust removal systems (built-in vacuum cleaners).

In such a system, the vacuum cleaner is located in an individual room. Dust from it does not get inside the house, but a special muffler is taken outside. This allows you to remove all dust from the room. Such a vacuum cleaner is placed on glazed balconies, or in boiler houses (protection from moisture is necessary). The main advantage of such a system is that it works almost silently, because the device itself is located on the street or in any technical rooms. Around the house we move, holding in our hands only a hose, which has a length of up to nine meters and is connected to a certain outlet. The device turns on, there is a thrust, and dust, passing through the nozzle and the hose is in the central dust removal system.

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If the house has an alternating voltage, then before connecting electricity, it is worth stretching a self-supporting insulated wire SIP.

The positive side of this device is that there is no need to drag a vacuum cleaner, which often falls, touching the door or furniture, and here we have only a hose in our hands. It is not difficult to transfer it from one room to another.

Installation of the central dust removal system is carried out by specialists. Built-in vacuum cleaners are not cheap.

The vacuum cleaner is designed for use in apartment buildings, but you can appreciate it in the huge rooms of the cottage, in which cleaning is a big problem.

Every year, conventional vacuum cleaners are improved, the degree of air purification increases. However, the filtered air is returned back to the room. When a central dust removal system is used, the exhaust air is removed outside the house. Each unit is equipped with a muffler and filters, which is safe for the environment.

Device of dust removal system

The central dust removal system is a complex of equipment that is designed to optimize the process of cleaning the air and the room as a whole. It can be installed at the stages of construction, operation or repair of the building. By design, the dust removal system consists of such modules.

Power unit. It is located in a utility room (garage, basement, pantry), on the balcony, etc. The power unit is the basic element of this system and is equipped with an engine.

Pipe. Mounted in ceilings, floors, walls or individual boxes made of plastic. The system includes pipes and fittings made of PVC with antistatic additives. Pipelines are used to connect the sockets with the power unit. Through them, dust is fed into the dust collector.

Pneumatic frosts. They are located on the floor or in the walls and provide the inclusion of equipment by connecting electrical contacts. The number of outlets is calculated at the design stage of the dust removal system.

Pneumatic. These are rectangular holes for dust sucking, equipped with flaps and located at the level of the plinth.

Features of application

Scope of use. Central dust removal systems are used to clean the air in cottages, offices, apartments, beauty salons, cinemas, hotels, theaters and many other facilities. Until the hose is plugged into the outlet, the equipment is in waiting mode. In industrial buildings, it is used to create branched filtration systems operating in a continuous mode, as well as to remove technological chips and other small debris in accordance with a given program.

Principle of operation. The dust removal system is started by an air pulse, which is created by means of a regulator located on the handle of the hose. Garbage is fed into the filter through the built-in pipelines. About 98% of the particles settle in the dust collector, the residue is excreted outside and neutralized.

Basic Benefits

Efficiency. The dust removal system cleans the room of visible debris, tobacco smoke, fine dust, allergenic particles, pathogenic organisms. Pollutants are not returned with the exhaust air.

Volume. We offer systems with built-in dumpsters up to 36 or 160 liters (for private houses / apartments and public / industrial enterprises, respectively). Due to the large capacity, container cleaning can be carried out every 7-8 months. The level of filling of tanks does not affect the capacity of the equipment.

Convenience. The system will start working immediately after you plug the hose into the outlet. To clean the room, you will need to wear only a cleaning hose with the appropriate nozzle. Operation of the equipment is greatly simplified by the integrated self-cleaning filter, a set of additional brushes for linoleum, furniture, carpets and other coatings.

Power. Blizzard systems are equipped with engines with an efficiency of up to 40.5%, which allows you to use electricity economically. The average speed is 30-48 thousand rpm In terms of suction power, such equipment is 3-5 times higher than small-sized household vacuum cleaners.

Quiet. When the engine is running, no more than 53 or 60 dB of noise is created (in the presence of a muffler and without it, respectively). The power unit is usually located in the utility room, which ensures that there is no strong noise in the rooms where cleaning is carried out.

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