Power conversion of VAZ window regulators

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Welcome. Today’s revision I think many owners of VAZ cars will like. So often it happens that I arrived, turned off the engine and forgot to close the windows. We need to turn on the ignition again to close. Or you wait in the car and you have to close the window, then open it.

When it’s still nothing, and when there are smoking passengers with you, every now and then you pull this lock back and forth, and with it all the engine systems. To avoid such situations, I decided to change the power scheme of the power windows a little. Here is a diagram of VAZ power windows..

The scheme of electric lifts VAZ to the primitive is simple, the engine is powered directly from the buttons, the power comes to the buttons through the relay. The relay is powered by ignition, key position 1.

The scheme for all VAZ is the same, but for example, on the 2109 this relay is already in the relay and fuse block, and in the 2110 model this relay is separately fixed. This relay is marked with a red circle.

As the relay is powered when the first position of the key is turned on, my idea is to power this relay when the key is inserted into the lock.

I remove the panels from the steering wheel to get to the ignition lock connector, on the pad I find a green wire from the ignition lock. This wire powers the indication unit of the on-board control system.

Now it’s a simple matter. I unscrew the two fuse box mount screws and find a thin orange wire powering the power window relay. This wire is marked in red.

I take out this pad and unplug the orange wire, now I need to extend it a little and connect it to the wire coming from the lock.

That concludes the rework. Now, as long as the key is in the lock, the power windows are working. The heat has come and the alteration is very relevant.

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