How to choose AV- amplifier for home theater

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How to choose AV- amplifier for home theater – Purpose AV- amplifier and its main parameters . Recommendations when choosing AV- amplifier. Installation and operation precautions .

AV- amplifier is an important part of a home theater . After all, he is responsible for the entire process , which is associated with audio, provides control of the entire system , provides power sound speaker system and performs video switching .

Power amplifier – it is the most ambiguous and interpreted incorrectly parameter reproducing equipment for the home . Is incident in that for estimating the output power , different manufacturers use different indices . These figures include the value of the impedance speaker or as it is called – the impedance measured frequency or range of frequencies. Someone even uses value total harmonic distortion.

According to generally accepted standards of the signal must be in the range 20-20000 Hz with a value of impedance 8 ohms and THD value of about 1 %. Need to be proficient enough information because it is possible that the amplifier parameters with 100 W / 1 kHz at 6 ohms will not be as powerful as the amplifier parameters 50 watts @ 8 ohms , and audio- range 20-20000 Hz .

First you need to decide how much power you need . Amplifier that has 30 watts per channel , can “shake” the most unpretentious speaker to such power that you can burst eardrums . But, on the other hand, the large power range you can control , the system will sound better at sufficiently high levels.

To date, more than thirty used digital audio formats , so you purchased the amplifier must function properly with most of them. Each amplifier works well with conventional stereo -CD, Dolby Digital surround sound and DTS from DVD and your TV will give a new sound with Dolby ProLogic. But , on this good news ends . It is best to purchase a system 7.1. In this case you will need an amplifier that can decode 7-channel formats DTS ES and Dolby Digital EX. For full quality sound purchase model with Dolby ProLogic II. If the sound for you is as important as the image , in this case it is better to get an amplifier DTS- treatment 96/24 . You can not immediately believe how fabulous sounds DVD in this format. The most ” advanced” model can decode and audio formats such as SACD / DVD-A.

Next time – is the question of the form of I / O on your amplifier . The rear panel of the amplifier with a rich variety of connectors and terminals looks pretty impressive. Virtually all models of amplifiers are equipped with all the major audio / video inputs and outputs for speakers. The presence of additional – depending on the specific tasks that you put your system.

If you need to use the unit as a video / audio , you must check it for enough video inputs. The highest quality analog video connection will provide component video . Most amplifiers on the market offer video conversion signal. That is, whatever video you either filed for his power , he will bring it to any desired TV socket .

Most AV- with a plurality of audio amplifiers , but does not have the same number of outputs . If you need to play back the recording on DVD-R, CD-R, MD- HDD- deck or audio recorder , you must first make sure that the amplifier has enough digital outputs. You will still need to complete a 5.1- or 7.1 -channel analog inputs to connect or SACD- DVD-A- Player . Also need to think very carefully what other features you want to use the amplifier in the future.

Variety of functions AV- amplifiers will surprise many , but what is most interesting about each of them is very useful. One of the most remarkable – it is ” auto-tuning .” It is also the most comfortable . By a microphone amplifier ” runs ” on a number of sounds , thus making the hard work .

Room equalization . This term refers to a method of fitting a sound amplifier to the acoustic properties of the room. In many areas even the most expensive and high-quality AV- amplifiers can sound terrible. Phenomena can occur buzzing bass , etc. Amplifier with such a component as Room EQ customizes the output so that the affected frequency muted. Virtually all models of this function is automated , but to achieve the perfect effect , it is better to be adjusted manually. However, while Room EQ is only available in professional systems , it is only beginning to emerge in a more affordable devices.

To speaker system not only worked in one room, amplifiers presents a parameter such as multi-zone connectors. There are also connectors system link. Different manufacturers they differ . These connectors allow the output data of other devices that are connected to the amplifier. However, these devices must be from the same manufacturer as the amplifier.

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