how to clean laptop keyboard

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how to clean laptop keyboard – PC sales are falling and sales tablets and laptops are growing by leaps and bounds . This makes sense : use portable means sometimes much more convenient than traditional PCs . But whatever you do not use , the keyboard eventually clog sorts trash. Most often it is a crumb of food that fall into the gap between the keys. And if you clear a conventional computer keyboard , you can easily , then the laptop may have problems .

By the way, it should be done carefully . Why , you ask? In fact, everything is very simple: crumbs , dust and dirt that fall into the gap between the keys can eventually disable some detail . And well, if it is the keyboard itself , but sometimes stops working the laptop itself .

Unlike standard PC , laptop keyboard is really much harder to clean because of the danger to bungle or simply spoil the appearance of the gadget. Moreover, in most cases it is necessary to disassemble the device, remove the button as just will not work. In some cases, this can not be done . For example, if your device is under warranty and sealed or you ‘re just afraid that you can not build it yourself , and it happens all the time .

Cleaning the keyboard

So, go to the main point . There are two types of cleaning – superficial and deep . The difference between them is huge. In the first case, you can clean the keys from dirt and dust between them , while the latter will be able to clean the contacts . It is worth noting that both need to perform cleaning , but do not forget that the surface treatment allows for much less recourse to deep .

Let’s start with a surface cleaning. To do this, buy a home appliance store wipes and brushes that are suitable for plastic enclosures . Also, things like that are also sold in some major supermarkets . Getting cleaning : brush , remove any dirt that has accumulated between the keys, and using wipes clean the keys from dust. This is the most simple cleaning, which does not take much time , but it must be repeated weekly.

how to clean laptop keyboard

When not at hand wipes , suitable for plastic surfaces , do not use plain cloth to dust , which you use at home . Take a small amount of diluted isopropyl alcohol , soak them a cloth and gently start to clean the keyboard . It should be done very carefully, especially to monitor the amount of fluid – it should not spill out between the keys.

Why not use pure alcohol , acetone and other aggressive substances ? The fact that they may be easily reduced with the ink key , and if the chip fall , it may simply spoil it.

how to clean laptop keyboard

Proceed to deep cleaning . You can use a vacuum cleaner . Yes, most conventional vacuum cleaner , not forgetting to turn off the pre- laptop. However, it is recommended to use a special vacuum cleaner for keyboard, which allows sucking dirt and dust even from hard to reach places. But it has a disadvantage – low suction power as he works on the USB- port.

how to clean laptop keyboard dell



Alternatively, some spices offer use compressed air from a cylinder , which blows dust. But the reality is not so simple. The fact that air blows not only dust but also , conversely, blowing it into the connectors , which faces the keypad failure of .

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In short, for deep cleaning is extremely desirable to disassemble the unit . But do it only if you are sure you will then be able to collect it ! Carefully remove the keyboard itself , that would not break the loop , through which it connects to the motherboard. Now start to hook keys with a screwdriver , but do it very carefully! And do not forget their location! Everything can start cleaning – how to do it , you know .

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