Hydrodynamic cleaning of sewers

Hydrodynamic cleaning of sewers

Hydrodynamic cleaning of sewers is a very efficient way , which is essential for the appropriate technical requirements of state diversion of contaminated water . Typically, when an obstruction tenants use a plunger , or pour poured special chemicals and unclog pipes flexible cord . The problem of clogging sewage is extremely urgent for the residents , as ” antiquated ” methods only help temporarily . However, there is an effective technology – hydrodynamic cleaning sewers , thanks to which the cross tube is restored completely .

Is cleaning pipes with water pressure is very expensive event?

Many people believe that hydrodynamic method used to clean the pipes of large diameter and required using cumbersome equipment. In fact , hydraulic sewer cleaning machines are produced of varying thickness and diameter of the pipes which can be subjected to effective treatment by this method is in a wide range ( 5-100 cm).

In order to clean the in-house network, you must use devices that have small dimensions, which allows you to carry them in the trunk of a car. Despite its modest size , such devices operate with high efficiency and help remove even the toughest dirt.

To drain cleaning hydrodynamic method took place without undue problems in the installation and repair of sewer should definitely be possible to access each section of the system. Otherwise, significant monetary costs and even the interior restoration of the affected are inevitable .

The advantages of the hydrodynamic pipe cleaning

Hydrodynamic method is endowed with many advantages :

Cleansing pipe is quickly and efficiently.
Guaranteed the safety of the pipes.
The service life of the pipeline is extended , as the impact of the water jet is very carefully .

You can use this method when the internal layout of any complexity.
The method is environmentally friendly , as no harmful chemical attack on the pipeline and the environment, and there is no emission of dust and dirt at the installation work .
This method allows you to clean the pipes in sub-zero temperatures – the freezing of pipes and the formation of ice plugs in them .

How do the hydrodynamic machine ?

Consider the features of hydrodynamic machines:

Hydrodynamic machine of different pumping capacities provide water jet pressure of 150 atmospheres.
Depending on the specific conditions in the nozzle assembly puts one of the injectors – Rotary , penetration , etc.

Hydrodynamic cleaning of sewers

Under the influence of the reactive force is promoting the nozzle into the tube , the body breaks clogging , and a water jet nozzle directed opposite to the movement , any dirt washed with pipe walls .
Water delivery and maneuverability of the nozzle is carried by a flexible hose.

Acquisition of hydrodynamic machines

Do I need a device in the home

Hydrodynamic drain cleaning machine for manufacturers such as , for example, or Karcher Rothenberger – this is a highly effective tool that allows you to deal with clogged. Acquisition of specialized equipment for maintenance of apartment layout does not make sense . High-quality cleaning can forget about the clog , so it is reasonable if you have problems contact the professionals .

Acquisition of specialized equipment needed in the event that you plan to create your own business . The unit for small diameter pipes worth $ 500. Its easy to transport . Naturally , the demand for such services is stable .

Can I use a mini-sink Karcher pipe cleaning ?

In a mini-washing Kaercher uses water under high pressure , so you can use it to wash your car , remove dirt from the walls , clean the garden paths . It is necessary to pay attention to models that can carry out washing sanitation. For this to work it is necessary to acquire a complex of tools and a flexible hose. Some models allow you to clean areas up to 15 m use of special nozzles allows you to clean sanitary sewer pipes of any diameter .

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