Electric cooker Clatronic DKI 3184

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Electric cooker Clatronic DKI 3184

Advantages of induction cookers Clatronic DKI 3184 :
The heating takes only a few seconds thanks to induction technology;
Under such a ceramic plate is placed an induction coil that generates a strong magnetic field.
Once in this field is a pan or griddle with a special bottom of a ferromagnet at the bottom there is electric current , and it instantly heats up.

Therefore, it only gets hot dishes, and cooking surface – no.
Induction cooker is ideal from the point of view of safety : it never acts without direct contact with a suitable pot or pan .
When removing the dishes – oven automatically turns off.
Save time – 55 % compared with ordinary oven.
A large number of cooking programs (relative to gas stoves ) .
Automatic audio signal in the absence of heat ;
No preheating of Age .
Color Electric cooker Clatronic DKI 3184 :

Specifications Electric cooker Clatronic DKI 3184 :
Electric hob
no oven
Manage e-mail , switches : sensory, display, timer sound
clock is
The maximum power consumption of 3300 watts
The working surface of glass-ceramics
Number of electric cooking zones : 2, induction : 2
Auto heat no
Residual heat indicators have
Drawer for utensils not
Bec netto : 4.85 kg

For induction stoves require special utensils

Dimensions Electric cooker Clatronic DKI 3184 :

Width 57.5 cm

Depth of 36 cm

Height 5 cm

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