The main advantages of mineral wool

The main advantages of mineral wool In the category Home Insulation Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about The main advantages of mineral wool.

The main advantages of mineral wool – With insulation of all building structures that are above ground level (facades , roofing , etc.) is ideal for mineral wool . The main advantage of this type of insulation in addition to good insulation and soundproofing is its lightness.

In almost identical terms of the thermal conductivity of mineral wool fiber has twice lower density than basalt wool 15 kg/m3 against more than 30 kg/m3. It turns out that when using mineral wool for insulation instead of basalt roof twice as reduced load on the rafters , and on retaining walls, as well as other elements of the roof structure .

Given the fact that the mineral wool fiberglass has excellent sound insulation, its use as insulation for wooden houses of various types and frame houses in Canadian suggests itself , because these types of soundproofing housing is low enough that interferes with normal life in these homes .

The main thing to remember when this type of house insulation mineral wool insulation – internal insulation interior walls should be done with mineral wool grade not less than n- 125, for insulation and floor deck , facing the inside of exterior walls require mineral wool insulation increased rigidity – stamps n- 150 , n -175 above.

Also, besides lightness, good and excellent heat insulation , mineral wool insulation glass fiber has a few advantages – flame retardant and low toxicity ( are weaknesses as foam insulation, not to be confused with expanded polystyrene ) .
With proper installation and proper mineral sheets device hydro-and vapor barrier , insulation , this will serve its owner for nearly twenty years .

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