How to insulate the floor in the loggia

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How to insulate the floor in the loggia

Loggia, is a room , closed on three sides by walls , making it warmer and cozier than the balcony. But often cold floor makes a bad accent, and stay on the balcony is not comfortable. In cold weather, the most noticeable transition between the warm and cool apartment balcony . Properly insulated floor will not only create additional comfort , but also reduce up to 20 % of heat loss of the room.

Preparing the Floor

Repair of the floor does not take too long and would not be costly , but such a framework will be qualitatively warm room and have a long life . Before you insulate the floor on the balcony , you should carefully remove all of the old coating is also necessary to carefully inspect and to tap the base plate , and if it has holes and cracks , voids are clear , they must be clear and seal the grout. If they are quite large in size, it is desirable to further consolidate the valve and any iron scraps , placing them in the recess. You can pre- sawed grinder shallow transverse incisions , put them in a metal armature , then fill the hole with a solution . After complete drying of the floor must be primed in order to avoid moisture and mold .

Materials for thermal insulation of the floor

Warm floors can be a wide variety of materials : expanded clay , glass wool , foam , but is best suited extruded polystyrene . It can be cut at any size , the material does not crumble , has excellent insulation qualities on almost does not change size under the influence of temperature and therefore is not subject to destruction , easy , but it can withstand high loads. Has a rather long life , water resistant , non-flammable , provide additional insulation, but its cost is slightly higher than, for example, the price of the traditional foam .

How to insulate the floor in the loggia

In any case, choosing a different material for thermal insulation , you should do lags ( formwork ) to good insulation and tightly held, in order to avoid bias . Top side is closed with insulating material paved, as the soft and loose materials screed do not. But in the case of polystyrene such a construction is not required. Just do not need hydro and steam, as the material does not absorb moisture. If the floors are of significant irregularities and distortions , they need to align the pre- tie.

The method of thermal insulation of extruded polystyrene

To lay the extruded polystyrene used a special glue that is diluted and applied according to the instructions on the floor and on the stove. To provide a strong fastening insulation using special plastic dowels and nails securing the whole plate in the corners and in the middle. Reinforcing mesh is placed on top and poured floor leveling compound , should be at least two layers. And, before applying the second coat , you need to first completely dry. The total thickness of the screed should be varied in the range of 5 cm Then you can lay facing material .

Underfloor electric heating

If you plan to do on the balcony floor heating using electric heating , then the first layer of ties with mounting tape with the adhesive layer is attached heating cable in 30- cm, which is poured another layer of screed. These floors can be used within 28 days if used conventional screed or has withstood the time specified by the manufacturer of special mixes for screeds . Putting on such a ceramic tile floors , it is imperative to leave the seams , not less than 2 mm, to prevent cracking tiles due to heating and cooling.

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