How to replace the battery of the central heating in apartment

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In houses built-in the past radiators are usually made of cast iron. Sometimes it happens that in the winter, when the street is particularly cold, these radiators are warm the room.

In this situation, we recommend that you replace the old style radiator on the modern model of the radiators. For replacement it is necessary to prepare the radiators, pipes, fitting, corner, linen or silicone grease. Advantages of electric heating radiators.

it is now particularly popular and in demand among consumers purchased bimetallic radiators, which have a weight advantage over the cast-iron versions. Alloy aluminum allows more heat to give. These radiators have a modern design, they are durable. Replacing old radiators with new modern.

When replacing old batteries for new housing, we recommend that you take advantage of the two possibilities. The first option is to attract experienced professionals. In the absence of experience and skills will have to invite craftsmen from the specialized company. This service requires considerable expenses. If you still have the experience of handling markup tool, a building or a laser level, then replace the radiators you can own. Let this be a little longer in time, but will save a substantial amount of money. Laser Levels laser construction technologies.

Connect the new battery in the presence of water in them is impossible. Therefore, before you get started, you must contact your local management company or municipal service, and specify the date and time, turn off water supply. If it is a private dwelling house, then here is a lot easier. You have the opportunity, close the faucet at a convenient time for you. Radiator replacement is recommended in the warm season. In winter by replacing radiators only in extreme cases. Installation of heating pipes by yourself replace radiator.

How to replace the battery of the central heating in apartment

replacement starts with a drawing or design of pipes inside. No wonder if, along with radiators and pipes will need to be replaced. It is even recommended to do, because this is a guarantee that the water will come on new, clean inside pipes. Remove the old batteries. To make it easier to do this, you can use a grinder or gas welding. Now prepare the pipe that you want to attach the radiator. Start with the bottom liner. When installing the plastic pipe it is necessary to use silicone lubricant if pipes of cast iron-wind thread flax. The radiator is set clearly on the level and connects to the pipe. What radiator choose? Aluminum or steel?

Prepared in advance we need corner where the pipe is not on the level of the radiator, and higher or lower. Area you want to connect to a pipe and a battery of silicone grease. Well done eyeliner on top. Once all the elements are connected, you can include water. You need to take a close look, not whether water leaks at the connections. If so, the connection must be further processed area lubricated and pull up. Advice from the expert: install new radiators yourself is not difficult, but to acquire the best batteries on the recommendation of the Handyman. Thanks to many years of experience of specialist you choose high-quality, reliable and durable radiators. Replacing old radiators with new modern.

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