Electric underfloor heating is easy to install and consists

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Electric underfloor heating is easy to install and consists of only two elements: a heating cable and a thermostat. Installation can be done independently: even a non-specialist can lay out the cable, connect a thermostat and pour the screed. After laying the cable, a cement-sand screed is poured, only 3-5 cm thick, therefore, electric underfloor heating, we can say, is an alternative floor heating system in apartment buildings with a centralized heating system. Does not require a pump, boiler, fittings, chimney device, permits and projects, annual maintenance, will not freeze in a power outage.

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Voltage drops for electric underfloor heating are not terrible. The cable is tested under a short-term voltage of several thousand volts.

Water or electric underfloor heating


The confirmed service life of the heating cable (e.g. Nexans) is more than 60 years. The service life of a good thermostat is more than 10 years, without any maintenance. Any person who knows how to use a screwdriver can replace the thermostat. Electric underfloor heating is safe – the cable is shielded and can work even under water. A programmable thermostat and a two-tariff electricity meter can reduce heating costs by more than 50%. The thermostat allows you to easily control the temperature with an accuracy of 0.5 ° C. Each room (heating area) can be controlled autonomously (independently of each other). The weaknesses include the need to allocate a sufficiently large capacity brought to the house and the stability of the power supply network. So, with a prolonged power outage, the temperature may drop below comfortable.

Usually, the power grid is developed quite well, and issues related to accidents in the power grid are solved quickly.

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Summing up, it should be noted that electric underfloor heating, of course, has more advantages, in comparison with water, but certain technical conditions can limit its use.

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