How to choose a toilet how to choose a toilet for flushing power

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How to choose a toilet – In order to avoid discomfort during use saline toilet bowl to choose the right size, shape and height. It is important that he was comfortable. Naturally you will have to experiment in the store . When sit on the toilet , make sure not to strain muscles in the legs and in the pelvis. Everything has to be convenient.

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What are the toilet bowl ?

It is important to pay attention to the bowl .

The funnel-shaped bowl – a bowl that has water hole at the center. Its advantage is that by washing the water spray will not, but they will be during a bowel movement , which is a disadvantage funnel bowls ;

washer bowl – as its name suggests , the cup reminds plate. Its advantage is that the water spray during defecation will not fall on the body , but it will become dirty faster than other types of toilet bowls ;

Visor bowl – the best option . Her platform is the same as that of the diaphragm cup , but at an angle , so no water splashes by washing or during defecation .

What to consider when choosing flushing mechanism and barrel

There are two kinds of tanks – it’s low and high disposable disposable , that is false . “Low ” in the shops you can find much more and demand more, all because toilets with low-lying sideburns look much more modern and give the appearance of a large toilet room .

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If you are still willing to “high” tank , then to the apartment with counters on water dual-mode flush fit . His often used in “low” product , but in this case it is also nice. In addition also will save on the amount of water washable . He made ​​a special button for large and small flush.

But there is another mechanism that is even more economical. He amount of water for flushing can be controlled by .

It is important that all the details that made ​​the flush mechanism were metal . It’s certainly more expensive, but also need to save wisely, because sometimes , and metal parts fail. And from this it is clear that plastic is not inferior to metal in its strength .

The choice of material and a little bowl of his mount

Housing drain nowadays are made of many materials : porcelain , sanitary ware , semi porcelain , cast iron, plastic and even from treated with a special coating layer tree. But most often it is different types of ceramic pottery and porcelain . They are no different even in the price.

Cast iron bowls are not recommended , because the enamel on it fast enough and cracks , no matter how it was strange not create a cozy atmosphere . Maybe it’s because of the effect on the body energy metal ? ..

Tanks made ​​of materials such as marble, glass or other precious metals in the usual sale does not happen, they are made to order.

As for color, it may be different. If you want to have a toilet or mottled coloring suitable for your wallpaper , then choose something in a higher price because usually when painting manufacturers to save them from the poor quality and not expensive colored glaze . This glaze coating has the ability to quickly burst and fly off .
Installing a toilet

You can install the toilet yourself or seek professional help . Whichever s options you choose, installation is as follows.

To dismantle the old toilet .

Going to a new toilet, put to a mounting location and mounting screws alternately twisted .

Bell bowl greased sealant worn corrugation.

Screwed flexible hoses to the water , a little open the tap and through the liner merges small amount of water . Thus tubes of water with debris released . Then the other end fastened to a tank liner , verified as snug rubber pads under the liner nuts .

Runs water is checked for leaks .
And lastly

To conserve space and ease of cleaning , can be purchased at your toilet, drain system which will be hidden in the wall at a depth of about one meter . The cup is also affixed on the other side of the wall , i.e. at the surface. Maybe restroom area not much increase, but will it look exactly .

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