Replacing old radiators with new modern

Replacing old radiators with new modern

Outdated with the passage of years, our home heating system  long mocked our family. Springs and winters, we were freezing , as the authorities did not start the heating season , and literally soared with a broom if ECD included them because the temperature outside as luck would have immediately increased sharply . Tried to escape through the ventilation. But when it became clear that we must be born second child , I immediately decided to change the old radiators with new – with a new baby in the apartment windows . And by sick of this pandemonium .

The main problem we have with the work of the old heating system was that adjusting valves have long been ” baked onto ” and did not turn . Radiators are not clogged , but their appearance left much to be desired, and the ability to connect them to the new system was a big question. Contact in the newly renovated apartment with welding does not like. Also, in this case it was necessary to invite a third party performers , and I wanted to do everything for you . Moreover, that faced a not too much work – had to change the radiator 3 ( in the kitchen and two rooms ) , staffed by their regulator and stop cocks.

Materials and tools

I decided to use the composition pipe and aluminum radiators. Choice of fittings and pipes for heating systems – is essential , in my opinion , the case . I advise you to purchase it all in large specialized stores , where traders are less likely to ensure that you slip the ordinary tube , saying that it would fit . At a special heating pipe wall thickness and fitting it to be special . They are usually made ​​of brass and equipped with an additional seal. And pipes and fittings for heating compared with the water is kept at a higher temperature . Apply the same remnants of the heating pipes for water supply you are unlikely to succeed, because it should not be taken with a large margin .

Replacing old radiators with new modern

To replace the radiator , you need to drain the water from the heating system. This should be done , of course, not in the heating season and desirable formally – through the production office. This service is expensive . But you can always negotiate with the plumber of the same agency, which will be much cheaper . However, it will increase the responsibility that will lie to you .

Getting replacing old radiators

I took a friend’s great , ” grinder “, bought for her special cutting disc for metal and started to work. Immediately discovered the lack of experience – to be sure to hide the floor and the wall near the site of cutting a thick wet cloth. I made ​​a mistake by putting the newspaper on the floor , and the wall put a sheet of plastic . In operation, produces a lot of hot particles (abrasive grain and iron filings ), which , as the sparks fly apart , I have burned a couple of places linoleum. And yet, it was necessary to remove the curtains where the battery is located under the window. Since I was too lazy to do it , then the curtains slightly injured.

It is necessary to cut the pipe so that you can crawl to the ends die stock ( special device for threading pipes ) for tapping. Because at this point will be placed ball valves , it is necessary to think about what would he too visible and easy to be accessed in the future. Cranes also need special for heating . On this in any time you can not save . After all, if the neighbors will fill with hot water ( and it’s a disaster ) , the wines are 100% will lie to you .

Carefully removing the old battery , I handled a little pipe ends with a file and sliced ​​them thread , using a ratchet die stock . Then he sprang to the thread locknut and stop valves , sealing compounds tape FCMs . I have often heard that hemp is much better with the paint , but it seems that it is only a matter of habit and the reluctance to use the new technology. Problems are properly connected with the sealing tape I have never encountered , and I have collected a lot of pipelines at home and in the cottages . The main thing – to learn how to wind the tape smoothly and accurately calculate the thickness of the layer . If the layer is too thick , the welling fitting will move it during the thread , and if the fine – the connection is tight. This ability comes with experience.

The crane must be installed according marking an arrow marking, indicating the direction of water movement . If no arrow and collapsible crane , it is necessary to set it up so that in case of failure can be replaced without draining valve portion of the liquid system , since it thus remains in position “closed” .

I installed a shut-off valves on the top and on the bottom of the tube, so that you can , blocking them, in which case make out all the wiring . Because in our house used two-pipe heating system , the radiator is off does not affect the operation of the system from the neighbors. After you install the shut-off valves can shut them relax and start saving strength for the next phase of work – cleaning debris and old radiators . The most difficult part here was to gather at one time all the male friends who are ready to help to make very heavy radiators in the trash . When it was done , I installed a shut-off valves adapters that allowed him to connect metal pipes.

Installing new radiators

It’s time to install the new radiator on the wall . It bought my batteries can be purchased separately or mount kit to a brick wall ( with hooks ) or a universal set ( with mounting brackets and screws) . As in my case, one wall –  When mounting the radiator should be considered allowable distance from the walls , floor and window sill indicated in the passport to the radiator , as well as provide access to the shut-off and regulating

After installing the fasteners you need to prepare for radiator connection – namely, to set caps and adapters . On one side of the radiator mount adapter to connect to the valves on the other , from the top – the air release valve ( air vent ) and the plug – at the bottom . It is important to set the air release valve for each battery. The fact that aluminum radiators are more sensitive to liquid slugging , rather than cast iron because they need additional protection ( for example, from extreme pressure during the pressure test that plumbing is carried out before the heating season ) .

At the top of the battery to the adapter I installed the control valve . It can be mounted in upright or horizontal – it is just necessary to determine how it is more convenient to use . Should buy high-quality valves which allow the installation of the thermal head (the difference in price between these valves and simple – small ) . I did so, recently purchased and installed an automatic thermal head . Installation took 3 minutes without stopping the system. On the lower adapter I installed shut-off valve , which is closed (open ) with an Allen key ( needed only for the dismantling of the radiator ) .

Make it easy : we just have to close the shut-off valve and an adjustable valve , unscrew the union nuts on the adapter and remove the radiator. Installing the gates at this stage – preliminary . This is only necessary for the subsequent adjustment of the composition pipe . It is better to cut a special tool. My advice : do not attempt to cut the pipe , ” grinder “, or a hacksaw – it’s uncomfortable and impractical , since the cut with burrs and will have to handle it with a file. It is better to get a special cutter. If you work with plastic pipes in the future is not supposed to , you can buy the cheapest cutter rubles and it will definitely be enough for a hundred cuts. If you plan to upgrade suburban apartment or running water, or friends often ask for help .

So , taking the composition pipe , I put it on the crimp nut and collet adapter from the fitting – in shut-off ball valve and put the pipe in the fitting tightly against the stop. Then moved collet short 2 mm before the end of the pipe and gently welled nut.

After that I had let the battery tube , bending it in the right places. Slightly bend the pipe can be handed, without all sorts of devices. If you need to bend much, it is better to buy and use a special box – spring – the pipe in such a case does not crumple . The spring was removed after adjustment is completed.

Summarizing the pipe , I cut it with a small margin (about 5 mm). Then he took the control valve from the battery and fixed the pipe on its adapter , as described above. (Do not forget to put on the tube nut and collet !) After which also recorded the lowest pipe fitting on the shut-off valve , hung on the battery and connected it with the cap nuts . That’s all.

Out of my system can eliminate isolation ball valves . To remove the radiator will be sufficient to cover the regulator and shut-off valves . But I did not do it because he feared for sealing joints with plastic pipe fittings . I have , if they shall go , you can always close the ball valve and repair the liner .

Starting the heating system

To avoid water hammer and break the radiator pressure tested at close to ball valves and air release valve and wait for the water system will fill the apartment , and the pipes will be hot. Next you need to slowly open the shut-off valves , very carefully loosen the vent valve head and keep it open until the hissing stops and will not appear water . This will mean that the radiator is filled with water and there are no air plugs . After the appearance of the water valve must be closed .

Thermal head

The thermal head is a device that automatically adjusts clearance in the valve and the flow of hot water into the radiator , depending on the temperature fluctuations that maintains a constant temperature in the apartment. It is only necessary to keep in mind that the thermal head does not allow the valve to open fully . Therefore, at very low (-20 … -30 ° C and below ) of street temperatures in the room can be cold, whereas normal valve being opened up to the stop , give more heat . Thermal head , moreover, should not be in the thick curtain , as the temperature will be different from the temperature in the room and you will be hard to get a comfortable level of heat .

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