How to Repair a metal tank

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Breaking car a fairly common phenomenon and can catch the driver in the most unexpected situations. Failure of the fuel tank – a serious problem that must be eliminated, at least partially, on the site of the accident occurred. This will allow the transport vehicle to the nearest service center, where you will spend capital examination and repairs.

How to Repair a metal tank , We also consider ways to repair a metal fuel tank. Cold welding repair is also the most popular way of motorists. To repair a metal fuel tank with yourself you need to use cold welding for metal. Today automotive shops offer a wide range of chemicals such means.

Before starting work, as well as in the repair of plastic fuel tanks, need to clean and degrease the surface and dry it. From cold welding rod cut needed for the repair piece and carefully knead it by yourself. After 5-6 minutes it will turn into a monotonous mass of plasticine. The resulting mass is put into place and carefully smooth out damage on the damaged surface. Spatula dipped in water, gently smooth the surface, removing any excess. Allow to dry for 10-15 minutes.

How to Repair a metal tank

The most reliable and high quality repair method is brewing damaged area welder. Such work to perform better in the presence of skills or hire a professional stations.

How to Repair a metal tank

Well, of course, in the most radical way is a complete replacement of the fuel tank. New fuel tank can be purchased . A used, but in good condition, will be much cheaper.

And the choice, as always, is yours: to make repairs, replacement of the fuel tank with your hands or to entrust it to professionals stations.

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