How to decide on the brand of air conditioner?

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In the modern market of household appliances, a paradoxical situation has now arisen when design firms are forced to sell their achievements to firms with well-known brands. In fact, one large plant can produce absolutely identical models, differing only in brand for domestic and foreign markets. Often the choice is based on the brand, and not the characteristics of the technique. At the same time, remember that modern air conditioners have the main standard set of functions:

cooling/heating/ventilation/dehumidification modes;
manual and automatic air temperature control;
control of the direction and intensity of the air flow
standard set of air purification filters.
You should decide for yourself whether you need additional functions.

Hotpoint-Ariston air conditioners and split systems

Choosing a brand is a rather complex and subjective process. Call the consultant of the company and ask for a detailed description of the advantages of a particular brand, ask friends and acquaintances about the experience of operating the air conditioner, look for information on the Internet. Be sure to ask the seller about the availability of a service center in your city. If there is no center, then if the air conditioner breaks down, you will face serious difficulties.

The best air conditioners: determine the type of device and choose the right options

Location, is it possible to install one air conditioner for the entire apartment?

Often there are questions about the choice of the number of air conditioners for the apartment. Do you need to install them in each room, or can you place one and it will cool the whole apartment. For example, how to choose air conditioning for a two-room apartment?

The best option, of course, is to install its own unit in each room. This is done in the same way as for heating appliances. But with some layout, you can do with one. This is possible if there is a large opening between the two rooms. In this case, it is desirable to place the air conditioner so that from one room through the doorway, part of the air falls into the neighboring one. In this case, the room where it is installed will be colder, but the next room will in any case be cooler than without a split system.

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