Repair water pipes freezing problem

Repair water pipes freezing problem – Warm winters past years and Unceasing chatter about global warming significantly relaxed when many builders installing communications. However, this winter has shown many who have , and many who are faced with the problem of freezing water pipe . How to protect water from freezing, describe below .

As is known, the problem is easier to prevent than to fix it later . But dearer to us saying: “While the thunder clap … ” Therefore, to avoid any problems , those who will use the water all year round, you need to know how to protect the water from freezing.

The basic rule when laying water pipe – is laying the pipe to a depth below the freezing point . Soil temperature is almost always the same and varies from 4 to +6 ° C. However, the depth of freezing in some latitudes can reach a half to two meters. Digging a trench is almost impossible , since such earthworks rather laborious .

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Constant circulation of water

Many owners of country houses, that do not have year-round running water, solve the problem that way. Open the faucet and the water is constantly flowing small stream. However, this method is not acceptable if the stock is in the septic tank and as there was no minimum jet night is several hundred liters. Therefore pointless water filtration and filling the septic tank – option uneconomical .

But you can arrange circulation without draining , but it needs to be when laying water pipe lay two pipes that will be useful in all cases . In this case, the second pipe and the pump is reversed , the same water pumping and pouring back. The pump runs without a break, you can put a timer that will turn on for a couple of minutes every half hour.

empty water

If there is no water in the pipes , then there is nothing to freeze , so that the water does not freeze , it just removed from the pipe . Use this method hosts submersible pumps. It is sufficient to make a hole in the hose and the pump switched off after the water flows back into the well.

On the other side of the pipe is placed a valve which allows air to spread through the pipes . This method is not suitable for those who use suction pumps , as for them it is necessary that the water is in the pipes constantly .

a lot of pressure

High blood pressure does not allow the water to freeze. Pipes such structures are laid deep , but the column is on the street and the water flows into anyone ‘s hard frost . And the reason is that there is water under high pressure.

This effect can be achieved by embedding into a tube receiver , and before winter catch pressure , then the water will not freeze .

Warming pipeline cable

This is the most common way lately. The idea itself is simple and allows you to dig the pipe to a depth of 50 cm at the same time lay the heating cable . Such cables are available in low , safe and can be used as a near and inside the tube. A place that always freezes to be in place , entering the house . Therefore, several meters of cable laid in this place will help avoid water freezing in the pipeline.

Now you know the ways on how to protect the water from freezing, you choose the most suitable any time and from your tap in any frost will run water .

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