How to hide gas pipe in kitchen

How to hide gas pipe in kitchen

How to hide gas pipe in the kitchen, Often on the way to creating the perfect kitchen interior design of gas pipelines which are an integral part of the building. How to hide the gas pipeline? Fortunately, there are several conditions.

Ways to hide the gas pipes

Hidden gas pipes using the furniture. You can do this by requesting a special or furniture without back wall with holes in the pipe parts. This method also camouflage to hide, and make freely accessible. It can also be used to hide the false Treasury. It is unlikely that these cabinets are used in any way, but at the same time furniture, and it will provide unhindered access to gas pipelines.

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Popular methods

To hide a gas pipe in the kitchen can also use special metal portable screens. And the easiest and cheapest option is a simple coloring in a color that matches the color of the walls of the room, as in the picture. Therefore, you cannot connect from the crowd.

Use drywall

Hide can be via a box with drywall. This method of hiding gas pipeline might look more. To build funds necessary drywall screws, a glance, a screwdriver and a knife. First, you need to specify the exact size of the future so don’t just close the connections, but also allows, if necessary, free to work with them. Then in the right places set up a sheet of drywall knife to cut the desired size for the widget. Then use the screws fixed on the contours of the workpiece. Cracks in the interface between the sheets can be easily removed with foam.

Outside the box can be any appropriate manner, whether painting or wallpapering. The “pros” this way include low cost and easy installation design. The “negatives” that include if you hide channels gas pipelines, you can completely get rid of the wide usable area of the workplace, which is unacceptable for small kitchens, as well as the fact that the nearest repair plasterboard will be dismantled.

All of the techniques presented cover gas pipe has its advantages and disadvantages, and which one to choose will depend on your personal preferences and financial capabilities.move gas pipe in kitchen,moving gas pipe kitchen,kitchen gas pipe installation,hide external gas pipe.