Dantex air conditioners and split systems: types, features

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In the technical documentation and in the user manual for the device indicate two capacities: cooling and consumption. Cooling capacity in kW – what is it?

Cooling capacity is the main parameter of air conditioning equipment. This indicator directly affects the cost of the unit and the conditions for selecting the air conditioner by the area of the room.

To choose the appropriate model that is suitable for creating a comfortable climate of a certain room, you need to make calculations of the cooling capacity.

Dantex air conditioners and split systems: types, features

Production and trading company Dantex presents in the market of climatic equipment stylish and multifunctional air conditioners of household, semi-industrial and industrial category. The products are characterized by a high standard of quality.

Since 2005, Dantex climate control systems have been successfully implemented on the Russian market. Domestic buyers quickly appreciated all the advantages of air conditioners of this brand and choose branded British equipment for home, office, commercial and industrial premises, where it is required to create maximum comfortable temperature conditions.

In the article we will consider information about air conditioners and split systems Dantex, the history of the company, what climatic equipment Dantex produces, a description of the products.

Hotpoint-Ariston air conditioners and split systems

About Dantex

Dantex is a relatively young company from the UK, producing modern climatic equipment in a wide range. The brand was registered in 2002. And after 3 years, Dantex products entered the Russian market.

The company has its own quality control management system 6 Sigma Management, which allows you to manage all production processes, control the quality of purchased consumables. Innovations and advanced technologies are regularly introduced into production.

Each Dantex air conditioner produced is thoroughly tested. For all climatic devices on sale, there is an international certification.

Types and benefits of Dantex air conditioners

The British manufacturing company Dantex offers the consumer a large selection of air conditioners and split systems. Each buyer will select in the assortment of the brand the ideal device for air conditioning in rooms of different areas and purposes.

Types of Dantex air conditioners:

Household: wall-mounted split systems, mobile portable, floor.
Multi-split systems.
Semi-industrial air conditioners: cassette, console, channel, column.
Multi-zone VRF systems, chillers, fan coils, precision, roof models, water-cooled condenser air conditioners. The listed models belong to the industrial category.

Advantages of Dantex air conditioners:

stylish modern design of blocks;
compact size;
in the equipment of branded compressors from well-known world companies, recognized as market leaders in their segment;
inverter control;
automated mode of operation and maintenance of set values;
wide range of operating temperatures;
multi-level air filtration system;
simple and intuitive control system;
a large set of useful functions;
good energy saving indicators;
silent operation;
low-temperature kit;
automatic defrosting of blocks;
affordable maintenance;
long term of trouble-free operation.

Dantex air conditioners and split systems are a unique ratio of high European quality and affordable price.

Review of household air conditioners and split systems Dantex

The most popular in the Line of the Dantex brand are household split systems and mobile portable air conditioners, successfully operated in apartments, in private and country houses, in offices and in small commercial premises.

A brief overview of household air conditioners Dantex:

Wall-mounted split systems with cooling capacity from 2.0 to 8.2 kW. Popular series: ECO NEW, AURA, FUTURO, Plasma, MOON INVERTER. The units are equipped with several air filters that provide high-quality air purification from dust, bacteria, allergens. Up to 20 useful functions: 24-timer, auto art, Turbo mode, I FEEL, night rest, ionization, air dehumidification, etc.

Mobile portable air conditioners are compact monoblocks with wheels for easy movement and automatic blinds that close at the end of operation. Have a simple setup. They work in several modes. Control through DPU.

Floor-to-ceiling split systems, complete with branded Japanese compressors. Evenly distribute the cooled / warm air flow throughout the room. There is a night mode and other useful options.

Dantex Multi-Split Systems

Dantex also manufactures energy-efficient multi-split system units. External modules with a capacity of 5.2 to 12.3 kW can be connected to up to 5-9 indoor units of different configurations. The assortment of the brand includes wall, cassette, cantilever, channel indoor multi-split units with cooling capacity from 2.05 to 7.03 kW. All devices of this line work on environmentally friendly freon R410A.

A brief overview of Dantex multi-split systems:

HME series – external units of increased power, working for cooling and heating.
C2N series – internal wall units with a cooling capacity of 2-7 kW.
D4L series – cantilever inverter internal modules, power 2-7 kW.
T5 series – duct blocks for concealed installation with a cooling capacity of 2.6-5.2 kW.
Series Q4-A3N – cassette four-stream blocks with a cooling capacity of 2-5.2 kW.

Semi-industrial air conditioners Dantex

Semi-industrial air conditioners of the British company Dantex are operated in public and commercial premises with an area of up to 300 m2. Cooling power range – 7-30 kW. Provide a comfortable microclimate, quickly and evenly distribute cooled / warm air flows over large rooms.

A brief overview of Dantex semi-industrial air conditioners:

Four-way cassette systems with cooling capacity from 4.75 to 17.5 kW. They serve premises with an area of 50-300 m2. Popular series: RK-UHG2N/RK-HGN2E-W, RK-UHG3N/RK-HG3NE-W, RK-UHTN/RK-HTNE-W.

Cantilever-ceiling air conditioners with a capacity of 5-17.5 kW. Popular series: RK-CHTN/RK-HTNE-W, RK-CHG3N/RK-HG3NE-W, RK-CHMN-W/RK-HMNE-W.

Column air conditioners, cooling power in the range of 7.1-16.9 kW. Presented in two series: RK-FHM3/RK-HM3E and RK-FHM2/RK-HM2E.

Channel systems. Cold capacity – 5-17.5 kW. Popular series: RK-BHTN/RK-HTNE-W, RK-BHM3N/RK-HM3NE-W, RK-BHMN-W/RK-HMNE-W, RK-BHGN/RK-HGNE-W.

Dantex industrial air conditioners

The British manufacturer Dantex offers a wide range of industrial air conditioning systems serving large retail facilities, warehouses, industrial workshops, multi-storey centers, etc.

In the assortment of the brand Dantex:

Multi-zone VRF-systems – external units with cooling capacity from 50 to 90 kW. They work on freon R22, R410a. Connection from 9 to 53 indoor units of different types – channel, wall, column, cassette. The maximum height difference between the blocks is 30-90 m, the length of inter-block communications is 60-175 m.

Chillers – small/large capacity air cooling, water cooling, with remote condenser, water-cooled condenser. Cooling power – from 20 to 7030 kW.

Fan coils – wall, floor-ceiling, cassette, channel. Cooling capacity – from 2.2 to 28.3 kW.

Precision cabinet air conditioners with remote/built-in condenser, air-cooled inter-row models. They work on chilled water and on freon R410A. Cooling capacity within 173.5 kW.

Roof air conditioners (rooftops), working only for cooling, with a heat pump, with air supply in one and in two directions. Capacity in cooling mode – 22-105 kW.

Industrial air conditioners with water cooling condenser floor-ceiling and channel version. Cooling power – within 29.9 kW.

All air conditioners of the British company Dantex are equipped with a detailed user manual. Information on the rules of operation and maintenance.

Dantex air conditioners are covered by a warranty from the manufacturer for up to 3 years.

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