Hotpoint-Ariston air conditioners and split systems

The calculation of the required power of the air conditioner is reduced to determining the total heat surpluses of the room, equipment and the presence of people, taking into account the thermal conductivity of building structures – walls, floors, glazing, as well as the presence of ventilation systems and many other factors. Such a calculation is quite complicated and in practice for small rooms it is possible to successfully apply simplified calculation methods.

Hotpoint-Ariston air conditioners and split systems: views, features

One of the leading manufacturers of household appliances is the company Hotpoint-Ariston, whose range includes high-quality and functional air conditioning systems. In terms of sales, the products of this brand are ranked third in the world.

In the article we will consider information about air conditioners and split systems Hotpoint-Ariston, the history of the brand, options for climate technology, a description of the products.

How to calculate the required power of the air conditioner for my apartment?

About Hotpoint-Ariston

The history of Ariston began in the 30s of the last century. It was founded by the Italian V. Merloni, who was originally engaged in the sale of ordinary household scales. In the post-war period, the company began to produce cylinders for liquefied gas and electric water heaters. The business was successfully developing, and soon the company entered the world market.

Every year the range of products has expanded. Under the Ariston brand, gas stoves and speakers, washing machines, heating boilers, kitchen hoods, microwave ovens and other functional appliances for domestic use are manufactured.

In 2007, Ariston merged with the American-British brand Hotpoint and was renamed Hotpoint-Ariston. Under this name, modern air conditioning systems with a classic and inverter compressor are produced.

The company’s factories operate in China and Russia. Strict quality control is carried out at all stages of production.

Types and benefits of Hotpoint-Ariston air conditioners

Hotpoint-Ariston produces a new generation of household air conditioners with an automated system that provides high-precision maintenance of specified temperature parameters.

Varieties of household split systems:


high-quality assembly;
modern design;
Smart Inverter function, which provides economical energy consumption of up to 40-50% (in inverter models);
a set of useful functions;
high-quality air filtration;
clear and intuitive control system;
low noise level during operation;
Long service life.

Overview of hotpoint-Ariston air conditioners and split systems

Household split systems of the Hotpoint-Ariston brand maintain a comfortable microclimate in premises for different purposes. All models have four basic modes – heating, cooling, ventilation and air dehumidification. Energy efficiency class A.

Useful functions of Hotpoint-Ariston air conditioners:

turbo mode;
auto art;
night sleep;
4D distribution of airflow in all directions;
Pover Saver – energy saving activation;
Around U – maintaining optimal temperature values with adaptation to the temperature of the human body;
Smart Humidity Control – maintaining a comfortable level of temperature and humidity;
Auto Clean – protection of the indoor unit from moisture and mold;
Jet – mode of accelerated cooling or heating of air;
Super Silent – sound comfort function (quiet mode of operation);
Auto Clean – automatic drying of the indoor unit after turning off the device.


SMART-INVERTER SPIW409HP/O2 – service area up to 25 m2, cooling capacity – 2.5 kW;
SMART-INVERTER SPIW418HP/2 – recommended service area up to 50 m2, cooling capacity – 5.0 kW;
SPOWHA 407 – service area up to 21 m2, cold capacity – 2.1 kW.
All air conditioners of the brand Hotpoint-Ariston have a democratic price, affordable for a wide range of users.

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