Wooden house a symbol of environmental and natural energy

Wooden house  a symbol of environmental and natural energy

Construction of houses from logs on demand – a new life of centuries-old techniques

Wooden house – a symbol of environmental and natural energy, that’s why I loved the structure of logs all those who want to find a sanctuary from the cramped, stuffy urban boxes in the house, created from the most natural material. Therefore, it is high time the interest in our technology to build a house of logs “turnkey” .

Construction of houses from logs : What to consider

There are some details that need to be borne in mind when making a decision to start construction of houses from logs.

Wooden house, being built from a “live” material , longer shrinks , which can reach a height of 6-8 percent , it must be considered when installing doors and windows.

Some disadvantages of log homes today is quite overcome. For example, the structural stability is achieved to fire different fireproofing impregnation . The natural features of the darkening wood is also adjusted by special trains during processing .

Advantages of log homes

Undoubtedly, the advantages of wooden houses more than enough.

Construction of wooden houses made of logs are much more economical in comparison to the construction of buildings of brick and concrete. It depends on the lower initial cost of the material and of an acceptable cost of work on its construction .

The use of wood as a building material , gives him the house built of excellent heat conductivity . The walls of a log house allow oxygen into the room , “breathe .” Effect of vapors from the tree ‘s health is uniquely beneficial for all living in it .

Wooden house a symbol of environmental and natural energy

Due to the fact that the weight of a wooden house on the procedure easier than brick similar area , it is possible to save on building the foundation that you can build a light option . Also, fewer demands are placed on the stability of the soil itself when choosing a place to build a house .
Rarely used option, but nevertheless having a place to be – be disassembled wooden house in one place , its transport and assembly in the original version in a new location.

Construction of houses from logs : the experience of ancestors in a modern design

Round logs in the past few years, more and more are gaining popularity in the choice of material for the construction of wooden buildings . The log is processed in the factory on modern lathes , and its smooth surface and stable form in the future will not cause problems when installing and operating structure.

Round logs protected from biodegradation by special means , as in the warmer months when humidity is high and it is very vulnerable . This treatment imparts a log antiseptic effect , the use of additives in aqueous based on consideration of safe influence itself as a beam, and in person.

The beauty of the material, its natural contours and processing allows even abandon the interior houses made of logs , prices and labor costs for the implementation of which is very high. Decorative and special recognizable style log houses can use these options. In this case, the external appearance of the house and the interior drenched the general idea and very harmonious.

The apparent simplicity of assembling a log home is fraught with a lot of dangers . The organization, which is engaged in designing , assembling and adjusting the home of logs to the residential status , should have a staff of experienced and highly skilled professionals , the necessary equipment and use modern technology.

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