building with corrugated cardboard

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building with corrugated cardboard


Garage of corrugated board

It’s no secret that kept the car in the open air is bad and unsafe, and regularly post on a paid indoor parking – quite expensive .

Get your own garage are two ways to buy ready-made or build it yourself . If there is a particular experience and skill , the second method , of course, would be more cost effective . Especially high quality and reliable structure obtained using the corrugated sheet , which will be much cheaper than any other building material . Currently, the popularity trapezoidal sheet due to the fact that he has a number of advantages .

The main advantages of corrugated garage

Garage, built by the hands of this material will serve for decades. Steel sheets , due to their design , have great stiffness.

We should not forget the fact that the use of corrugated board as a material for the construction of the garage with his own hands , the process is moving very quickly and efficiently. Profiled decking is attached to a metal base with the most common screws. Multiple sheets of building material is very easy to cover an impressive area .

Galvanized corrugated material specifications

As a result , it is safe to say that the garage of corrugated board with their own hands is a great outlet on three indicators : longevity , quality and low price.

Town garage

Before you go to purchase materials and begin to build a garage , you need to determine his location. It should take into account a very important factor : whether at the site ready home , or you just want to use it in the future to build. If the house is, a garage to it can only attach or erected next . But if you build a house is only in the long term , the garage to be built strictly in accordance with the existing plan .

If the site is allocated for construction , is small, it is better to attach the garage to the house. This approach can be significantly saved as construction materials and space .

The construction of the frame

Frame – is the foundation of the future garage. On it will be fixed profiled decking . To work should begin pre- determine the size . In their calculation must take into account how many cars will be in the garage ( usually one or two) , as well as any plans to equip its shelves , cabinets or shelves for tools , all kinds of benches and other appliances .

Laying the foundation and floor

The foundation is the first step in the construction of the garage. It will be necessary for laying pipes that are buried in the ground and filled with concrete . Pipes subsequently become not only the basis of the foundation , but also the frame. By the way, the sex of the garage then you can do in concrete. Of course, that before pouring the concrete floor , you need to decide , do you need an observation well or not.

installation of walls

Versatility shaped sheet is that it can be used as a finishing material and fully independent material for the construction of the garage. In the first case, the use of corrugated increase the attractiveness and aesthetics already finished garage , all at the same time insulate the room , because he laid under a special heat-insulating material .

The second option is that of the profiled sheet is formed by the wall itself . Profnastil perfectly protects the room from the wind and precipitation . It is fixed with screws to the frame crossbars on the walls of future garage . It must be remembered that the screws have to be a seal . This is to ensure high tightness and reliable fastening . Next, rivet joints are fixed sheets. The distance between the studs should be about 30 inches.

roof installation

Before installing the roof , you must decide what type it is : a gable or lean . For the construction of garages usually use the latest version of the simplicity of its design . Professional flooring must be selected so long that it could slightly overlap the length of the ramp. Much easier then cut a piece of excess material , rather than trying to build up missing . If you do still need to joints , the overlap should be at least 20 centimeters.

Regardless of what type of roof slope near future , the sheets must be laid parallel to the eaves strictly roof , which , in turn , is equal to only horizontally. By the way , be sure to make sure that the ” overhang ” of material from the eaves of at least 4 inches.

The main recommendations for fastening corrugated

Fixing corrugated

Attach profiled flooring is best in areas where the curvature of the wave comes in contact with a crate . The material on the longitudinal joints of sheets should be fixed at not more than 50 centimeters.

For a more snug fit corrugated sheets are shifted toward the center of fasteners by about 5 millimeters.

Nothing particularly difficult in the construction of corrugated garage on its own is not. Garage obtained inexpensive , high-quality and durable. He is equally good for storage of the vehicle, and for work, and for the storage of conservation for the winter, and household tools.

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