Warm plaster , price, reviews , video

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Warm plaster , price, reviews , video

Warm plaster , lime like her ancestor , is a mixture which is used as a base cement slurry , and the role of fillers can act pumice powder , granules of expanded polystyrene or perlite .

Use of other types of fillers . For exfoliated vermiculite vermiculite mining rock subjected to heat treatment . The result is a mineral aggregate – lightweight, with excellent antiseptic properties Godea as for interior work and for outdoor decoration.

Sawdust plaster used in interior applications. Filler here sawdust , cement, paper and clay. Such a composite set creates excellent thermal insulation , but the drying process requires a 2-week airing. Otherwise brand new plaster can hit fungus and mold . However, the most common filler is made ​​on the basis of expanded polystyrene beads. The structure also includes: cement, lime, additional fillers or additives . This type of plaster is effective both inside and outside the premises .

Scope of such coverage is very broad . They trim facades, ceilings and walls in situations requiring sound and heat insulation. Also , use warm plaster for finishing slopes in the door and window openings , risers , etc.

How to apply plaster venetian plaster finish how to

Covering plaster walls – a process quite simple . First, prepare the wall , that is clean residues previously applied coatings and applied penetrating special impregnation , as appropriate fix some places reinforcing , but more often – a stucco netting. Before applying the layer surface is moistened with water profusely .

Package fits in the tank mixture of not less than 50 liters , diluted with water and stirred by a mixer . The obtained mixture was applied to the wall is necessary for 2 hours. The mixture should have a consistency so as not to fall off from the surface of the tool during turning .

Apply the mixture on the wall can be either manually or by machine. Damage layer should not be thicker than 20 mm. Stack the next layer can be no earlier than 4:00 . It is necessary for the complete drying of the previously laid layer. Lowering the temperature and humidity reduction in the period of autumn rainfall will increase the time required for drying layer.

A method using thermal insulation plaster harder other options that should be considered while calculating the foundation. And another important point : the maximum thickness of the plaster layer – 50 mm, and to create the necessary thermal insulation effect of plaster is applied from 2 sides of the wall – external and internal .

Among the advantages of warm plasters are the following : it does not require preliminary alignment of the walls , all the work can be done very quickly : 1 plasterer during the working day can lay from 120 to 180 – ti m. m layer; plaster have high adhesion , it fits well on almost any work surface, without its prior training , it can be applied without using meshes ( exceptions are particularly difficult places , cracks in the wall surface, the angles of internal or external circuit ) is is also important to create a good thermal insulation, which decreases in the presence of iron fittings ; plaster perfectly resists biological effects , insects and rodents in it do not start.

Among the disadvantages are called such as higher cost than competitive options , the need to complete the finishing wall by her coat , plaster, painting or coating of plaster .

warm plaster is most advantageous to use for sealing cracks , joints , slopes in the door and window openings , different roughness in ceilings and walls. It is effective and to further warming of the interior walls , especially in cases where it is impossible to insulate exterior walls properly, for example, for reasons of architectural order . For warming the basement room warm plaster will also be indispensable.

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