We live in a rented apartment. Which air conditioner should I choose?

We live in a rented apartment. Which air conditioner should I choose? In the category Air Conditioning & Ventilating Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about We live in a rented apartment. Which air conditioner should I choose?.

Installation of a split system in a rented dwelling is associated with many difficulties. First, you need the consent of the owner of the apartment. Secondly, when moving, the split system must be dismantled and re-installed, which entails unnecessary costs. Therefore, for rented housing, a mobile air conditioner that does not require installation is ideal.

The more expensive, the better?

Perhaps this principle has long been outdated. If we consider the models of the middle price category and the premium class, the difference between them will be in the details, for which not everyone wants to pay. For example, the low noise level of expensive models is absolutely not worth the overpayment, since the work of the “average” will not be noticeable, and the difference in Hz that manufacturers indicate, most of us will not even be able to catch.

Wall-mounted air conditioners

The presence of sensors (movement, activity, etc.), which save electricity and reduce the wear of the compressor, significantly increase the cost of the air conditioner. But is it worth overpaying 10 or more thousand for the sake of saving thousands of rubles a year for electricity? Decide for yourself, just keep in mind that the more electronics in the device, the greater the likelihood of failure or malfunction.

The choice should not depend on the country of manufacture. Chinese assembly no longer confuses anyone and does not give grounds to judge the quality.

Here it is better to pay attention to the company and the warranty period.

Do not chase compactness and ease. These parameters are achieved by reducing the heat exchanger, which inevitably affects performance.

Expensive models can be equipped with filters of increased purification. But whether the level of their protection against bacteria and viruses will be high is a very controversial question. As well as how much it is necessary, when most often infections overtake us in public places, and not at home on the couch.

No matter how much the split system costs, its service life will directly depend on the quality of the installation, so do not buy an expensive thing on the stock with a free installation. If you decide to spend money on air conditioning, then do not spare money to call a team of professionals.

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