The main types of design work in construction

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The main types of design work in construction

Any construction begins with the development of the project. The design of buildings and structures, in turn, is also a long and complex process, which includes several types of work.

Main design works in construction

In addition to the preparatory period, when the investor finds out the feasibility of starting construction and only looks for a suitable place for the construction of the object, the following types of design work are distinguished:

Design and survey;
Field research;
Design and engineering;
Design and technical;
Design and installation.

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Let’s try to consider them in more detail.

Stage 1: Design and Survey

It is a test of whether the idea of erecting any buildings or structures in a particular area is feasible in a particular period. In fact, it is an analysis of the project idea, as well as the identification of possible adverse factors that may interfere with development.

In the process of doing this:

the features of the area considered for development are being clarified;
the impact of the future facility on the environment is determined;
field surveys are carried out;
some documentation is drawn up;
an estimate is made.

Step 2: Conducting field (technical) studies

It is recognized as the most important link among all types of design work. It is thanks to him that it is possible to extract the basic information that is necessary for the correct preparation of the site plan and its correct calculations.

Includes the following studies:

Engineering and geodetic;
Engineering and geological;

Stage 3: Design and engineering activities

This process is also extremely important, as the future infrastructure of the facility depends on it. And the mistakes made at this stage can seriously affect the final result of the entire project.

Design and engineering activities include the development of:

project documentation;
tender documentation.

Stage 4: Design and technical works

Design and technical activities are the main link in the creation of the structure and include a whole range of components:

terms of reference;
technical and economic conclusion;
part of the drawings and diagrams;
working draft.

Step 5: Design and installation

They involve the presentation of advanced solutions designed to ensure safety during the construction process.


collection and study of information;
adoption of basic technical decisions;
development of methods of installation processes;
identify additional requirements;
drawing up a master plan of the facility.

As a rule, the most convenient option when choosing a contractor for such work are those construction companies that offer an integrated approach to construction: all works from the project stage to the commissioning of the finished building.

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