Choose the perfect place for your tv

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We live in the time when the computer and the Internet have replaced many, but televisions are not going to give up yet, but on the contrary, are an important and indispensable element of each apartment and, often, and each room. Tv will be bringing only fun if it is correctly positioned in the room, given its size and distance to floor and eye. with large diagonals are most often can be found in the living room or Hall. Layout options can be here.

radically different, but still the best place for your tv in the Hall are special cabinets or walls, the place for him. A good option, which is also now found more and more often is the way tv mounts directly to the wall, and you can use the special holders that will slightly turn the tv and mount it under such an angle, that would be as convenient as possible. Often TVs such dimensions set along with a DVD player, sound system, etc., so you need to consider and what you need to be a place for the location of a device around the tv.

But small TVs are often present in kitchens or offices, as well as sometimes in the bedrooms. Lean in the kitchen tv can be put on the fridge or on a shelf, designed and installed especially for him. In the Office or bedroom it will look great on your nightstand or coffee table.

But that’s not all the details you need to know to correctly place the tv set in the room. Keep in mind, and the location of the heating system, Windows, etc. so the tv is better put on a decent distance from batteries with hot water, because they can affect the device. We have the tv so that it fell to direct sunlight: first, it’s not the best influence on screen and all internal parts on the tv, and watch it when the sun hits the screen, is not very convenient.

Choose the perfect place for your tv

It is important to take into account parameters such as distance to the eye of the beholder, and the distance to the floor. The tv must be positioned so that when you view it not Causes pain the neck or back, i.e. it should be at the level of the human eye. The best is the distance from the floor to 1.2 m, so that this figure is worth sticking to, although there are exceptions, when tv affix or call virtually under the ceiling, but in such cases it either look quite infrequently, or look in a convenient position, for example, lying down.

And here is the ideal distance from the tv to the eye may be constant, as it depends on a diagonal on the tv, and in each case it must be determined. To find out the optimum distance, you just need to multiply the size of your tv for three, and the resulting number and desired quantity. Naturally, your apartment may find a place and more original and daring ideas about putting a television fantasy, because there can be no borders.

Choose a place for the tv, the ideal option is a stream that provides a huge selection of tv channels, The influence of the screen size (diagonal) and the distance to it to choose from, or if the tv set is made in advance of a certain size, Find the perfect place for your devices at home with a TV stand or TV bracket, achieve the best picture quality with specialist aerials and cables, find your perfect place to live find my perfect place to live best place to get a tv best place to get a tv on black friday.

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