How can your smartphone be an ally in the supermarket shopping

How can your smartphone be an ally in the supermarket shopping

How can your smartphone be an ally in the supermarket shopping?

If you are one of those who they never waivers to technology, even in moments where you do everyday things, teach you today to take advantage of your mobile in the super.

Technology has become a partner for the day to day. In fact, we work with it, use it during our leisure time and get you useful in day to day tasks. From to month you have shown on many occasions how the mobile or the web can help you save money with applications developed to pay less for the same products. The last one we have mentioned has been the tool Barakutin, ideal for those who shop on Amazon and wants to make sure that the product is its price lower. In this case, we want to talk to you about a specific sector where he spent much of the family budget: the supermarket.
Can technology really help you save money when you go to the supermarket? The reality is Yes. In the mobile world, so if you have a smartphone Android as iOS, there are plenty of applications that will help you improve your buying habits, to take advantage of the loyalty promotions, and also to bet on comparative of catalogues and prices that you do not always have in mind and which can save really big bucks. Below we show you some of those tools to make your next purchase in the supermarket’s most profitable.

Tools that you can take on your mobile to the supermarket

Saving money is a matter of taking habits that allow you to spend less. Although almost always identified that concept with the bought products at a lower price, the reality is that this is not always true. In fact, some marketing techniques which are used at the point of sale will want products that you had not intended to buy, and that can prove fatal for your economy. If for example you take a list of what you really need and not you leave it, you can avoid all this kind of issues that are more related to habits than with other circumstances. In any case, the apps that come then may be you useful in many ways, and always within the super.

Applications for the shopping list: there are plenty of them on the market for different operating systems. Some allow you to go scoring what you’ll need in your day to day, others are related to recipes that you are going to prepare and others are simply a list as such. Natively, both iOS and Android you have a Notes application that can help you target what you need without more. That Yes, nothing will serve to do list in the mobile if then you jump off it.

How can your smartphone be an ally in the supermarket shopping

Scan barcodes of products: as you know, the products that you buy at the grocery store have a barcode. What can you do not know is that there are apps, such as for example Merka free allowing you to get information from them. If you download it on your phone, and you scan a product that is in its database, will show you the price that has in the main chains of food of Spain. All these figures will be very useful when analyzing if the price is good, or if there are better offers to buy it.

Compare prices: compare prices is another of the options that exist within the useful applications to take to the supermarket or to discuss the best way to save money on household purchases. Applications as Ofertia offer you the possibility to locate supermarkets you have closer to home and analyze their catalog prices of different products that have, being able to decide where you find it more profitable to buy it.

Buy from mobile phones: Although most that supermarkets directly depends on the banks, those that support the payment card of digital portfolios allow to reach box and pay without the physical card, using only the data that you have stored on the mobile terminal. In many of these cases are bonifica purchase interesting discounts. In addition, it is much easier to take out the card portfolio and a great choice if you forget at home.

Digital loyalty cards: own supermarkets and applications developed by third parties allow you to take with you your terminal loyalty cards. Thus, never more you’ll forget accumulate saving points or euros on your checks.
As you can see, the phone has become our ally in day to day and has done so in such a way that we can also get split into something as common as shopping in the supermarket.