strange loud noise when you try filling with water

washing machine produces a strange loud noise when you try filling with water, Usually in cases where the washing machine is not the status of upload the desired amount of water or water in General, you can hear a strange buzz, not present when adequate work machines. In this situation, you should check whether valves, water supply is performed properly in the whole system in the House, as well as see if somehow damaged equipment pipes, hoses, fittings, valves, and other. Light noise due to the back wall of the washing machines, can signal valve Overdrive when trying to upload water.

In such a case it is advisable to immediately power off the machine, gently push the washing machine, turn off the water supply of all pipes used in water supply. Then carefully Disconnect the hoses, applying water. With this at hand, it is important to have some kind of bucket or another vessel and rag, because first, could well emerge the remaining under pressure in the hose water. If water flows vigorously for more than a second or two, water pipes were certainly not closed properly or they are faulty. Hold the hose over a bucket and again turn the faucet to confirm that there really is a decent supply of water sufficient to adequately washing machine.

Water works? In this case, it is worth checking the filter, which is mounted in the flow water valve in a washing machine. You can easily pull it out using a pair of pliers, following the instructions in the instruction manual, and then clean it. It is filled and clogged debris filter in some (albeit very rarely) can cause insufficient water in the washing machine. You should be very careful not to damage the fragile filter pliers. If you made a hole in the filter-even very small hole-it can open access to sand and even small stones through the solenoid valve for water and damage your washing machine, possibly causing flooding.

strange loud noise when you try filling with water

Water supplies were not sufficient to ensure the necessary passage of water through hose? If water does not enter the hose or pressure is very weak, in this case, the main reason for the failure is associated with water, or maybe some room in the hose. If your washing machine was connected to the water mains with old pipes directly where hard water can cause the formation of sludge and ultimately pipes can become clogged, you should clean the holes or simply change the pipe. If it happened with pipes serving cold water, the punch they can in a simple way: turn off water supply at full power for a few seconds. but this option is absolutely not suitable for pipes with hot water (i.e. they get clogged more frequently). In this case, it should be completely shut the cold water and then a squirt to release all the water from the tank with hot water, and then mechanically cleaned it.

If your washing machine was connected to the water mains and installed special locking taps (red and blue), in case of insufficient water supply fault may lie in them. Or you can actually forget them open or valve inside the valve itself can fall behind and do not respond to movement of the valve itself so that considering that the faucet is turned on, you won’t know that it’s still blocked the flow of water. This typically occurs when the Red or blue Gates. In this case, you can open them using pliers.

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