how to fix burnt ceramic pans

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how to fix burnt ceramic pans – Lately, people are increasingly using ceramic pan thanks to the simplicity of their care. A distinctive feature of such dishes is the fact while cooking foods do not burn it , retain their juiciness, do not lose vitamins and minerals . In addition, a variety of color coloring ceramic coating allows people to choose not only useful , but also beautiful dishes.

To pan with ceramic coating has served you for a long time , should follow some simple rules of its proper operation.

In particular this applies to its first use. Once you have brought a ceramic pan home from the store , be sure to wash it in warm soapy water and wipe dry with a soft cloth . This is done in order to improve the properties of this non-stick pans. Then, the ceramic surface is necessary to grease or oil of vegetable origin.

The next step is tempering pans on the fire . Only after that it should be lightly wiped . However, before any manipulation carefully read the instructions on how to care for ceramic frying pan , which is attached to purchase a product .

No harm will handle pan with ceramic coating the same way as a cast-iron skillet . To do this in a frying pan , pour 4-5 tablespoons of salt and warm it well . Due to the fact that the salt can draw from the ceramic surface microcracks all excess moisture, period of use of ceramic tableware increase significantly . After warming up , apply salt pans on the work surface a little vegetable oil and calcined utensils on fire .

On how to wash the ceramic pan , then you should be extremely careful. Pottery , of course, dishwasher and utensils used with detergents. However, experienced professionals who are working for many years in the kitchen and know a lot about the dishes , do not recommend washing the ceramic pan at all, since she and so resistant to various contaminants.

Wash dishes such as reducing non-stick protective layer and contributes to the formation of cracks in the pan. Of course, you can rinse with water pan , but do not use with chlorine or agents which contain alkali or acid. And even more so give up the use of harsh sponges or abrasive cleaners .

Ceramic frying pan  care rules

When the hostess prepares food in a frying pan with ceramic coating , it typically uses less oil than cast iron skillet . However, do not think that the non-stick coating – a panacea stick. Do not be fooled , because the food and for such a pan can easily burn on.

Non-stick coating protects the pan from sticking to the surface of burnt food , but not opposed to the fact that food will burn . And it means that cooking food in a pot should be a mandatory addition of any oil or fat in the desired quantity .

In addition , ceramic pan is not without drawbacks , which you should always remember. For example, ceramic tableware can not tolerate extreme temperatures . For her, it is almost a death sentence , so do not overdo it. Although this kind of damage on the first try , you can not see , but then on the surface of the pan can be formed microcracks .

Another significant disadvantage of ceramic pans is its high cost. Not everyone can afford to purchase it . A more economical option is to secure the pan with Teflon coating .

So how do you clean a ceramic pan ? In order for your ceramic griddle not form cracks that would keep the fact that on its surface is not exposed to extreme temperatures . For example, if you need to cook a meal for the products that you just removed from the refrigerator , it is best not to put them directly into the pan , and give pre lie down in a room for 15 minutes before the start of the cooking process .

Products thus slightly warm up . In addition, while cooking food in ceramic ware always use bamboo , wood , nylon kitchenware. Metal spoons , forks , shovels are not recommended , despite the fact that the ceramic coating is very durable. Why would you risk it once again !

Do not forget that the flame while cooking on a ceramic pan should not be too strong, do not lick her hips. Yes, and quite empty pan should not stand in the fire.

how to fix burnt ceramic pans

What to clean ceramic pan ? Once you use the pan, wash it in warm water with mandatory use of soft sponge . Never resorted to the use of metal chips , nylon or abrasive detergents. Better suited for cleaning soft and safe detergents, and generally better without them.

Adhering to these simple rules , you will greatly continue his life ceramic griddle , especially as teflon or cast iron pans are deprived of such advantages of a ceramic coated cookware . And it is known , has recently enjoyed great demand among consumers.

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