best dining table for small space

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best dining table for small space – The dining table is one of the most important and most frequently used pieces of furniture in the house. We eat at our dinner table at least 3 times a day , so we should be careful when choosing a dining table so that it is fully consistent with our taste and needs , as we do not intend to change it often .

It is believed that the dining table fully reflects the personality of the owner’s home , and your choice will depend upon your taste and lifestyle. Dining tables come in different styles , shapes and sizes . There are simple dining tables , and there are quite stylish in appearance. Form dining table is also important and should be considered , as there is a rectangular dining tables and desks also have a rounded shape.

But long tables are more suitable for large dining room. The color of your dining room or kitchen should also be considered when choosing a dining table. Furniture should match or blend with the color of walls and other pieces of furniture and appliances , which are located there . The first thing to consider when buying a dining table is that you get it for a long time and that you should consider the number of all the members of your family who will have to stay at the table. Below are some useful tips that you should take note of carefully selecting and buying this furniture .

Modern Kitchen Tables For Small Spaces

1. Budget. Of course , the buyer always considers the practical value of what he buys .

The budget is a critical factor when buying a dining table. You certainly are not willing to spend the money you earned to purchase a table that you do not like . There are dining tables, which are of good quality , but also quite affordable . You can collect a bit of money before buying a dining table , but then you just buy yourself a table that will meet all your needs .

2 . Family size . As previously mentioned , you should consider the size of your family. The table should contain all your family members and even desirable that left one – two free spaces for guests . If you can afford a long table to set it in a large living room , it will be much better.

3 . The style and form . What would you like to your table was made ? Simple wood, glass or expensive materials ? How much would you pay for this?

You should ask yourself these questions before buying a dining table. Make sure that you are completely satisfied with the purchase , and this will only happen if it will fit your budget , your needs and your lifestyle .

If adhere to the standards in choosing a dining table , it must meet the following parameters: the distance from the wall to the back of the chair should be at least 32 centimeters , so that everyone can move freely . Also, the distance between the elbows sitting must be at least 60 centimeters, which is necessary for the comfort of visitors. Form – is quite another matter . Here , most likely, all will depend on the location of the table in the dining room .

Circle – a form well suited for meetings and simple conversations as it allows to watch a friend in different angles.

Small oval – more suitable for romantic and more suitable for honeymooners. Also, this table will help you save space .

Rectangle – the best dining table for a large family of 6 to 10 people.

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