Options finishing the bathroom

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Options finishing the bathroom

Modern technology and a wide variety of finishing materials can make any design decisions during the design bathrooms. Before you decide , keep in mind that any repairs of the premises is expensive , ” pleasure” , requiring large expenditures for operations and acquisition of high-quality materials. Therefore, special care should be taken not only to the choice of the general style of the bathroom, but also to such important components as the color and lighting.

So nice in the evening to take a bubble bath and relax. Better yet, do it all in a beautiful setting . If you started a renovated bathroom , then meditate on the design , get acquainted with the materials of which choice is huge.


Decide who will do the work : you or for the repair of the bathroom will be invited specialists . Both options are acceptable, although the first can be pretty save money, but to spend my nerves – the choice is yours .


Before repairing the bathroom make a detailed drawing of the room and draw how you see the location of all the components to accurately know the dimensions , such as cabinets with washbasin.


What color wall tiles you prefer and which method of laying tile is closer to you ? What is light ? There may be other issues , equally important , because everyone has their own vision of the dream . But if there is a clear plan of work , a clear mind desired , the bathroom renovation not be easy , but we have on the site have something to read on the subject.

Bathroom Design

Check out the bathroom can be in any of the existing styles – from the strict minimalism to the fanciful Baroque. Consider some of them:

Classic style . The bathrooms in the classic style will not accept cheap and are the epitome of elegance and glamor. The walls and floor of the room contain large patterns and are finished with either marble or expensive tiles. A decorative items such as moldings , columns , draperies , mirrors and large chandeliers , give the interior a special charm . Of course , finishing in a classic style bathroom is possible when this very room is large in size .

Oriental style . To create a vibrant and exotic oriental style uses warm colors and a variety of stylized materials containing the Egyptian and Indian designs . Bath, sunken , wicker furniture , appliances for aromatherapy and other unusual accessories perfectly complement the interior of the room .

Options finishing the bathroom

 High tech . This style is extremely diverse and can be not only rigorous, but also bright. There is no place non-functional objects, and all the free space is used as efficiently as possible . Advanced materials , clean lines and simple shapes – this is high-tech.

Color Bathroom

The color design of the bathroom requires a special approach . To make room did not look soggy and dank , cramped and uncomfortable , and also provided a sufficient amount of light and granted a feeling of comfort , you should adhere to the following guidelines:

Color decision should depend on the location of the bathroom. If it is a separate room in the apartment , it can be made ​​into any color , sticking to only one style . If it is not about a shared bathroom , and an “individual” , adjacent to the bedroom (which is often found in private houses and apartments Suites ), then its color and its style should match the adjoining room .

To finish the bathroom , you can use different colors and shades. But given the fact that it is usually a small room, in which diversity will be further conceal the space , it is better to stay at the option of the monochrome interior. In this case, building materials, furniture and accessories for the bathroom should be the same color but in different shades.

In a colorful interior combines no less than three and not more than six different colors and shades. Designers recommend the use of three-color version of the design , with large surfaces should be light and mid-tones , and some accents – a dark or bright shade. In this case, the floor and walls in the bathroom did not have to blend in with the furniture. This can make the room visually “empty” and uncomfortable .

What is the color to choose?

 Red . This color is recommended for use in larger bathrooms , as in small rooms it is depressing effect on the human psyche . It goes well with white, cream and silver color and is recommended for active people who want to charge energy in the morning.

Blue is able to visually alienate walls, so is ideal for small spaces . It soothes , associated with purity and freshness. Since the dark blue color contributes to worsening of mood, it is best to use light colors that blend well with orange , beige and gold colors.

Green . It is the most common color used in the design of the bathroom. It is associated with nature and produces the most favorable to the human experience. However, his dark, cold , or too bright colors can be associated with mold and mildew , creating a sense of unhealthy dampness. This effect can be minimized by using a combination of green and orange, yellow or cream color .

Yellow. This versatile, warm and cheerful color blends well with white, blue, green , red, and serves as an excellent solution for both children and adults for the bathroom. With his help create the most comfortable “solar” interiors .

  Black . In conjunction with the gold , silver , gray and red , black color is used in the creation of luxury interiors . To avoid the feeling of gloom , it is almost never used for decoration with a small area . If you decide to use accessories , sanitary equipment and materials that color preference should be given to those who have glossy , not matte .

Bathroom Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in the design of the bathrooms. With properly selected combination of point or turning lights can not only change the size of the room visually , but also to hide his shortcomings , to emphasize a particular object in the interior.

However, many modern designers increasingly prefer not to traditional electric and natural light . For example , the technology of light wells , containing a special mirror system is able to evenly disperse in the room he enters the light , the presence of windows looking out to the next room or even on the street, is not uncommon .

No less interesting solution for lighting bathrooms are a diffraction grating mounted on glass and reflectors . Sunlight , breaking a special barrier crumbles in the bathroom iridescent multicolored and helps to create a good mood .

Natural light opens up endless possibilities for design imagination and allows the use of the interior moisture-loving tropical plants . For example , blooming orchids will not only fill the room with fresh oxygen and exotic flavors , but also have absorbed the excess moisture , and thus protect it from the processes of decay and spread of fungi.

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