Ensuring the safety of children in the home environment

Ensuring the safety of children in the home environment

Ensuring the safety of children in the home environment

From the moment the child begins to walk, he is in danger . The task of parents and educators is to eliminate all sources of danger to the children, and the creation of the necessary for the normal development of the child space to move without restrictions curiosity ( for his age ), and interest in what surrounds it. However, to avoid unnecessary measures aimed at ensuring the safety of children , as this may adversely affect your children and make them insecure , unable to overcome even minor difficulties. But we should not give them excessive independence , as the child left unattended, are more susceptible to dangerous accidents.

Let us now consider the possible dangers that await children at home.

In the kitchen

Kitchen – the most dangerous place for children . Following these tips, you can ensure the safety of children and to protect them from various accidents :

* Pots on the stove must be placed in such a way that the largest of them were at the maximum distance from the edge of the slab;

* Carefully attend boiling , do not allow liquids from spilling out of pots that can quench fire burners , fat and liquid ( oil ) on the contrary, can ignite themselves ;

Ensuring the safety of children in the home environment

* Because children like to touch the gas circuit breakers, gas supply to the stove should be discontinued when it is not used for its intended purpose . Upon reaching the age of reason children need to explain to them the safety rules , why can not turn switches plate. Do not let their games with a stove in the hope that you have stopped the flow of gas . Enough to make a mistake only once, so that the child , who often play with the switches could poison ;

* Household chemicals also pose a potential danger to children need to know the level of toxicity of the chemicals that you are using and choose the least harmful as possible . These substances should be collected together and are locked out of the reach of children , never – under the kitchen sink , or in close proximity ;

* Paint , turpentine, gasoline , industrial oils and similar products must be stored in special cabinets that are better lock on the key ;

* Special precautions are required for storage of anti- mice , insects , fungi , weeds, etc.;

* Bottles of alcoholic beverages , gasoline, various stain removers should be used with caution , do not hold them close to the fire, as they may catch fire ;

* Never leave within reach toxic materials or medications : baby moments are sufficient to reach them ;

* Unnecessary dangerous items should be removed from the kitchen , on the lower shelves when they are not locked , you can only keep the items safe for the child;

* Special attention should be paid to the box with cutlery : knives , scissors and other cutting objects , need to find a place for it unattainable for kids , when they grow up , it is possible to explain the purpose of these items and their danger ;

* Do not leave the plug in the electrical sockets , especially mixers, grinders , meat grinders , iron and should not be left accessible to children ;

* Make sure that home is centrally grounded electrical equipment ;

* Install automatic traffic jams.

In the living room

In this room, the child spends most of the time , so you should remove the furniture breakable or dangerous pieces of furniture to avoid the need to constantly monitor it and constantly deny him something . The child has the right to some freedom and autonomy to develop harmoniously .

The corners of furniture are the main cause bruises and bumps , so it is good to close them on the adhesive foam tape.

Do not leave your child alone in front of unprotected fireplace : a spark can jump out and set fire to a carpet or even baby clothes. If a child gets too close to the flame , it can also cause a fire clothing , and made ​​of synthetic material , it comes a lot faster. You can teach your children to use matches , but it is clear that they should do it in the presence of elders. Be sure to explain to children the rules of fire safety.

Remember the basic safety of children:
* Alcohol , cigarettes , lighters and matches should be kept away from children ;

* Ashtrays must be always pure , even a small cigarette butt can cause intoxication ;

* Do not leave within reach of coins , pins, seeds from fruits , nails , screws, which the child can swallow or plug into a socket in the mouth or nose ;

* At lunch time a child can pull the tablecloth , knock over but an empty plates and utensils are also hot food;

* Children’s armchair should have a solid footing and provided with a safety belt ;

* A good habit – not to leave open hanging wires, sockets. It is better to attach them to the wall or to spend for furniture ;

* If the room has a stained glass window, it’s good to close the protective paper or panel of plywood or polystyrene , replace ordinary glass or tempered by reinforced . The main danger , if the glass is broken, is that it breaks into sharp shards and cutting , injuring the man who can lead to serious consequences . Modern technology offers the glass to withstand shocks and safety in case of breakage ;

* Windows can be a source of danger to the child, but since they can not be kept locked at all times , you need to keep track of them ;

* Children should not be allowed to put a chair or stool and climb up onto the sill ;

* Some room and garden plants ( tulips , etc.) are toxic and sometimes even fatal, so they should be kept away from children;

* Terrace , balcony, where children play , should have a good grille is very high and narrow spans ;

* Firearm discharged home should be stored in a metal cabinet ( safe ) closed with a key.

Toys should be chosen based on the age and development of the child , focusing on toys educational nature. Some toys are covered with lead-based paint – it is toxic , and if collapsible toys are broken or conventional cutting parts , they should throw out .

Do not give dangerous toys , many toy weapons should be avoided . For example, bullets , getting into hard objects bounce in those who shoot . Pistons scatter around the spark that can get into your eyes . Dangerous as bows, arrows and slingshots .

Toys should be on the lower tier of shelves to want to play , the child does not put himself in danger by climbing over them on high.

In the bedroom

This room should be well lit and constantly . To ensure the safety of children , remember:

* Bed should have a rough mattress and not too soft pillow ;

* Sheet should be taut string ties , which runs under the mattress , fasten the edges ;

* Height of the barrier bed should be at least 50-60 cm , and the distance between the bars should not exceed 7 cm;

* Grid cell framing arena should not be wider than 3 cm;

* Do not hang around the neck chain , rope or bibs , especially when put your baby to sleep ;

* Nursing mother should be careful at night , as an oversight baby can choke . For reasons of hygiene and proper education is best never to put a child to bed with their parents ;

* Boxes, trunks , chests, cabinets, etc. should be locked and the keys ; remove the keys from the door in order to avoid that the child is not closed in the room;

* Never leave within reach of a child medication ; pieces of naphthalene hold in cloth bags , the kid did not play with them, or worse, did not try to eat them. Before you put on clothes treated remedy against moths, it is necessary to ventilate , to avoid toxicity or allergy.

In the bathroom

Special measures to ensure the safety of children should be observed in the bathroom, because it is in her children can be seriously injured or even killed. On the door of the bathroom is better to fix the lock , which can then be opened from the outside. Here are some rules to ensure the safety of children in the bathroom:

* Do not bathe the child, if not passed 3 hours from the last meal ;

* Try to elbow the water temperature before you drop it in the child;

* Do not add hot water when the child is in the bath ;

* Never delete when his bathing ;

* Better to have in the bathroom cabinet, lockable , or shelf , located high enough , which would be stored personal care , detergents , cosmetics , aerosols , tweezers , scissors , pins , etc.;

* Cleaners are mostly toxic and caustic, so they must be in a safe place away from children;

* Installations should be equipped with special protection;

* Never operate electrical systems , hair dryers , shavers , standing with bare feet on the wet floor , or if you touch or tap water . Shoes with wooden soles are the best insulator ;

* Do not use Electric tools, do not listen to the radio in the bathroom, because the air is saturated with vapor, is a conductor of electricity;

* If the room has a gas heater bath , keep the window ajar , periodically check the tightness and ventilation work ;

* Use non-slip shoes, as you can be injured by falling on a wet floor ;

* Deodorant cans may explode if they are close to a heat source or a window , from which they fall sunlight.

In other areas

A lot of accidents happen with children playing in places that are not under the supervision of an adult . Ensuring the safety of children , keep in mind:

* Personal care and cosmetics of any type should be kept away from children ;

* A set of tools , ” how-to” should be stored in a metal box with a secure lock : nails , a hammer , a drill , a saw can become dangerous if will be in the hands of a child;

* Before allowing the child to use the lift on their own, it would be good with adults to give him the opportunity to direct the elevator, at some point , stop the elevator and train the child how to use the extra help and how to behave until the elevator will open ;

* Each member of the family , including children, must know where the valves and cylinders of gas, water , electricity , and be able to switch them off in the event of an emergency ;

* In the kitchen and in the living room should have enough lighting, so as not to impinge on the corners , and other pieces of furniture , and not circling around the room with a lit candle or match, at the risk of fire , should maintain order in these rooms and free them from unnecessary things ;

* It is important to have always in mind a list of telephone numbers of various emergency services to be able to call everyone , including children.
domestic electric appliances

Household electrical appliances are very convenient, but can bring a lot of trouble for the children, if you do not comply with safety instructions for its installation and operation , to work on grounding equipment should be expert.

If the freezer is equipped with a locking device , keep it permanently closed and store the keys in a safe place .

If your old refrigerator is designed to emit , break the locking device , so that children do not play shut inside.

It is necessary for the TV set was stable recess , not shaky table or trolley. TV emits radiation , the degree of hazard which are not yet fully defined, so you should keep at a sufficient distance from the screen , the size of which shall not be excessive. In this regard, it is better to limit children while watching TV.

More useful in the educational plan, if the child discovers the world with the help of parents and teachers (various games , reading books, etc. ) than the TV screen.

On the plot

Those who own homestead land , dedicating much of his free time working in the fresh air. But you must remember about the safety of children in the summer:

* Electric or gasoline mower can be dangerous , do not allow children to use it , before you cut the grass , rake Shovel stones , toys and anything that can fly off like a bullet from the rotating blades mower ;

* Periodically monitor your kids play in the garden : swings , a slide , a variety of sports equipment , timely perform their repair and maintenance ;

* Rainwater – a good fertilizer for flowers , but watch carefully for filling a container , which is dangerous for a young child .

There are a number of garden plants and flowers that are poisonous or so toxic that they cause food poisoning. Most of the victims – the children whose parents do not know about that.

Castor . The seeds of this shrub are mottled white and brown colors are so beautiful that they can be used for necklaces , belts , etc. However, enough to chew one seed to get a fatal poisoning .

Oleander . Branches, leaves and flowers of this plant contain a deadly poison .

Belladonna . Contains solanine – very toxic even in small quantities.

Potato. In addition to the tuber , all the other parts , especially the sprouts ( sprouts, seeds ) are poisonous because of the content of solanine .

Elderberries . Unripe berries , twigs , leaves cause nausea , vomiting and diarrhea. Of ripe berries can make jam and dried flowers are used to prepare the broth .

Digitalis ( foxglove ) . From this plant is extracted a substance for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The flowers , leaves and seeds can cause poisoning and disturbance of the heart.

Lily of the valley . The same effects and properties that digitalis .

Ivy, wolf berry , laurel, rhododendron, azalea – also poisonous plants .

To prevent poisoning should:

* Know poisonous plants ;

* Wean children is unknown berries and put everything in his mouth ;

* Constantly look for the smallest.

When there is a suspicion of poisoning poisons of plant origin, take your child to the doctor , just by specifying the type of plants that you believe was the cause of frustration and even better – show the doctor his sample .

Particular attention to ensuring the safety of children should be given in areas where there may be poisonous insects or snakes .

For purification plant pest and disinfectants are used antifungal substances of high toxicity. Do not allow children to play around so treated plants.

We must know what treatment plants from pests are special solutions from plants and herbs which contain toxic substances in a small amount or not at all contain .


* Before you eat fruit , you need to wash it ;

* Have to wash your hands after you have touched the plant. In general, wash your hands often – a good habit . Teach your children this .

Relationships that can link a child with a pet is definitely good in terms of education. Usually docile pets and play with the children , even taking them to small grievances. But do not forget about the safety of the children need to be especially careful with the dogs of the breeds that are known for their aggressiveness – Naples is a guard dog , dog , doberman , bull terrier , etc.

Cats can scratch cause in wound infection , including cases when a cat child deprived eyes . Another danger – human transmission of different types of infections through pet hair . Animals do not have to sleep in a bed or in a child’s room. They should be washed thoroughly and frequently , occasionally show the vet to do them the necessary vaccinations. The most famous of infection, which is transmitted from dogs and cats – it’s infuriating and scabies .

Through a scratch made ​​by a dog or a cat can also be transmitted to tetanus . This danger is especially pregnant women.

Violence against children

One of the types of crime – it’s child abuse . Facts abuse , arbitrariness , rape with severe physical and psychological trauma , there are almost daily in the newspapers .

To reduce the risk , it is necessary to teach children the care, prudence , how to prevent dangerous situations that they may encounter on any day at home or on the street. Among the various crime most heinous – rape . In the majority of cases, it does not say to the police because of shame , ignorance or fear, which is becoming more painful because of the threat of prosecution.

Therefore, it is important to explain to your child that it is:

* Not let anyone in the house when one ;

* Never accept money , sweets , gifts, and in any case not tempted to walk in someone else’s car ;

* Avoid isolated places , empty stadiums or deserted parks, shortest , but dangerous ways , dark streets .

And here are the tips for parents:

* Trust a child , it will allow him to be honest with you ;

* Appropriate education should be taught to recognize the risk and danger, without compromising the faith in the future ;

* Select nanny or tutor must be done with thoroughness : should ask the professionalism and seriousness of the person you want to entrust your child ;

* If you know about the ill-treatment of children , your moral and social duty – to inform the competent authorities of the authorities.