How to repair bathroom tips from professionals

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How to repair bathroom tips from professionals, So it was that unexpected moment when you begin to clearly understand that it is time to repair the bathroom. Of course, all depends on the material costs, and because I want cheap and cheerful. But Calling all construction crews and considering the final amount of costs many are in a light shock, because before the idea and there was speculation that repairs on such a small area of ​​the house will cost more than the repair of the entire apartment. The final sum of all costs consists of two components – a fee construction crews and the cost of construction materials, ranging from new toilets and finishing screws. But if you make repairs in the bathroom with his hands, it can greatly save the family budget.

After examining the issue in more detail, you will understand that repair toilet with their hands is not as complicated as it seems at first glance. You can draw the same design toilet and decide what you want to see your walls, ceiling and floor. It also depends on the amount of costs and quality of materials. If the tiles will be, it will be much more than just wallpaper or paint latex paint.

How to make a cheap repair in the bathroom
Ideas for repair in the bathroom photos videos
Ideas for repair in the bathroom
How to make repairs in the bathroom
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And when the picture is traced to detail and you clearly imagine, what you need and in what quantities, you can proceed to action.

How to repair bathroom tips from professionals

Overall toilet repair can be divided into 3 stages:
replacement of pipes and drain (if needed) and training facilities (removal of old tiles, wallpaper, floors, etc.);

acquisition, installation and connection of new equipment;

finishing work – Painting and trim tiles.

Let’s start with the first stage

First of all it is necessary to clean the room, make it unnecessary, to dismantle the toilet and clean the surface of the old finish. Before dismantling the toilet do not forget to block water, otherwise first have to repair the neighbors below.

For this work you will probably need the following tools:

spatula for removing wallpaper or paint;

Hammer removal of old tiles;


If you need to change the pipe, prefer PVC pipes that do not rust, inexpensive and easy to install.

Dismantling toilet

Before dismantling the toilet cover with foil to protect it from dust everything you can. Turn off the water and plug the sewer pipes with rags or caps, that would waste steam is poisoned air. Do not forget to drain the water from the tank.

So, first things first:

To unscrew the water supply hose.

Loosen the nuts on a shelf and remove the tank.

Remove attachment: pull plugs and nuts from studs.

Substitute container under the seat connector drains and sewer pipes take out the rubber socket. If the toilet was mounted mortar, then again pick up a hammer and chisel.

Close the sewer hole cover.

If you choose hanging toilet, it can be installed immediately. If floor, it is set at the new renovated floor.


Ceiling require alignment, if it will go tiles. But as the repair is done with your hands, do not hold to put the tiles on the ceiling yourself if do not know how to do it. Tile – is a material which is not worth saving.

A good solution to the ceiling with his hands will be: suspended ceiling, waterproof wallpaper or drywall (for rooms with high humidity exists waterproof drywall).


There are several options for finishing walls: this tile, drywall, and plastic panels, and washable wallpaper. Choose up to you.

The most expensive option – this tiles. If you decide to put all the tiles, before starting work necessary drywall or plaster walls.

The easiest option – a plasterboard finish. It is easy to cut, mounted and secured. The material is light and unpretentious. When gypsum board is much to hide, but do not forget to repair the holes.

After processing the drywall painted with any color. If you decide to paint, you can choose textured paint that creates a kind of decorative plaster. It looks very nice.

Timbered wall plastic panels – not only the cheapest option, but also one of the most practical, as panel-resistant and easy to clean. The technology is simple for both walls and ceiling.


But the floor is the second most important place in the toilet. On the walls you just look, but you walk on the floor barefoot. Paul should be smooth, sleek, and if you want, then warm.

How To Repair Bathroom Plumbing : Checking Ball Valve Installation.

Initially, in the first paragraph, stated that it is necessary to dismantle the old plate. Here now need to put the first layer – waterproofing. To do this, you must stick rolled material. Buckle is made from ready mix that is sold in stores. The packaging describes in detail the method of application. Each manufacturer it is different. So read carefully.

Followed by a second layer – a mixture of about 1 mm size fraction and filled with a thickness of 1-2 cm and the third stage – finishing with the smallest grain size, filled with 5-6 cm thick. The third layer dry at least overnight. After drying the third layer can lay tile.

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Before using any material, carefully read the instructions, follow the technology of the materials. After materials are very expensive, and one awkward movement can spoil everything.

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