Consumables and components for air conditioners

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After buying an air conditioner, he may need additional options and devices. This may be due to the conditions of installation of the air conditioner. Often, when installing an air conditioner, the conditions do not allow you to remove drainage at a slight angle for the withdrawal of water by gravity. In this case, it is necessary to install a drainage pump for air conditioners. Some air conditioners, in particular, cassette models, have a drainage pump in their configuration, for other systems it will have to be bought separately. Our specialists are engaged in the installation of a drainage pump of the air conditioner for a fee. With the help of this device, it is possible to organize the drainage output with a rise in water up to 8 meters and a length of up to 15 meters.

Consumables and components for air conditioners

If you are going to operate your air conditioner in winter, you can not do without a winter air conditioning kit. It consists of drainage heating systems and an air conditioner compressor crankcase. Separately there is a fan speed controller of the outdoor unit. It is undesirable to start a conventional air conditioner at a temperature of -5 degrees, an inverter air conditioner will withstand the cold to -15 degrees. When equipping the air conditioner with a winter kit system, it will calmly tolerate frosts up to -25 degrees. Some wall-mounted household air conditioners and many semi-industrial air conditioners are equipped with a winter kit already from the factory.

How to decide on the equipment?

When it is difficult for the future owner of the air conditioner to make a choice of climatic equipment, then it is necessary to take a sheet of paper and indicate all the necessary parameters on it. And then choose the most suitable type of equipment for them. Then make a choice of the model related to the desired type.

The procedure can take several steps. First, it is necessary to determine the exact area of the room, the air in which the air conditioner will cool. If it is up to 35-40 square meters. m, then the desired type will have to be chosen further.

If the area is larger, then the optimal solution will be only a split system, since it is unlikely that a person will find the necessary monoblock air conditioner in terms of power.

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