Make repairs small kitchen practicality convenience

Make repairs small kitchen practicality convenience – Getting repair kitchen, many are faced with the problem of a small area of the space , and it causes a bunch of problems. Despite the small size of the room , you will need a lot of investment and hefty mental abilities . Must carefully consider the design in order to increase the usable area and functionality of the kitchen facilities . Furniture will likely have to make the order, but it also costs more , but it is much cheaper than remodeling the entire apartment .

It includes a small kitchen space less than 8 square meters , communicating , polygonal , narrow . But do not worry , turn imagination and get the desired result.

The first develop a plan of your actions , consider what you want to achieve and that is able to do . Draw a clear plan kitchen , observing all sizes , and estimate the future design of the room , considering the furniture , doors , doors, appliances. Calculate the amount that you require lockers , decide the height of suspended cabinets and shelves . Also think about the location of the gas stove , sink and appliances , given proper safety – safety requirements for their installation.

Plenty of space to be won thanks to hanging cabinets and shelves. For convenience, cabinet doors can be foldable or climbing up on the rollers. Lockers can do themselves and the corner , winning at the expense of additional space.

Working surface countertops must be continuous , and tall objects ( eg refrigerator) is better to place the side of the table . Under the sink is also desirable to make the nightstand , it will be a place to store small items.

Enlarge the kitchen space can be at the expense of the door. Doors can be supplied more rational . An example of such doors are sliding and folding accordion . Most rational door , of course “accordion ” because it takes the least space, but is able to protect dwellings from odors and drafts. Another plus a door that it can be made of various materials and successfully fit into the interior kitchen .

To visually enlarge the size of the kitchen facilities , it is important to choose the right color scheme design. The lighter will be your kitchen , so it will seem more spacious .

Do not be afraid to take up redevelop your kitchen with all the recommendations , and your family would be happy to meet at the kitchen table .

Make repairs small kitchen practicality convenience

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