Options and ways to set the optimal humidity in room

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Options and ways to set the optimal humidity in room – The concept of ” humidity ” in everyday terms is not limited to only worry about mold, and as a consequence – the damp, is an indicator of high humidity. Often , in the winter – during heating and in the summer – the period of conditioning , lack of humidity has a negative impact on human health .

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High humidity in the house

According to experts, the optimum value of the room humidity should be around 50 % , and in such conditions would be optimal and well-being of people living in it . Increased humidity value will reflect the ” dew point ” – the collection period of moisture droplets and condensation . In contrast, in the winter time with a functioning heating system , a drying room air , it is necessary to get it wet .

Harmful Effects of dried air is not immediately . Indoor plants whose leaves turn yellow initially , but soon disappeared completely overfly , the first to respond to the lack of humidity. Special approach to the regulation of humidity should be taken in the case of residence in a room of babies and small children. In low humidity drying of the mucous membrane, which leads to nasal congestion and accumulation of mucus in the breeding grounds of bacteria hampers the normal operation of the respiratory tract of the child, and as a result , there is their swelling, narrowing of the throat , difficulty breathing .

Almost everyone living in the house , along with plants and small children may face the problem of sore throat , dry skin , mucous desiccation . All this can lead to allergies, which is expressed by sporadic violent cough . Concomitant symptoms of insufficient humidity can be irritability and fatigue .

Carrying wet cleaning on a regular basis – one of the easiest options humidification .

Effect of wet cleaning easier breathing , but it is quite short – to 2 hours. You can also moisten the air by hanging indoors wet sheets and towels.

This option is also not efficient because of their rapid drying . The same happens with the mucous person.

All kinds of home fountains, porous ceramic container filled with water and suspended under radiators, tanks , plants – may also be a source of increasing humidity. To preserve and maintain its level in the rooms should be regularly organize their airing .

There are many ways to measure household humidity , the basis of all actions which are the known laws of physics . However, the device which reflects the exact level of humidity is a hygrometer . It should be noted that differences in the data obtained as a result of the hygrometer and the home significant ways .

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