Why does not spin washing machine

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Why does not spin washing machine – Function of spin in washing machines can fail . At first glance, you can do without it, but there is no sense in the wash , which takes a lot of time and effort. Many question arises: ” Why does not spin washing machine ? “. It is with this question in many firms are turning to home appliances repair .

– On the many washing machines have a button ” to disable spin .” Some accidentally press this button , and then think that the washing machine broke down. Before calling for service, check the operation of the button. Can turn it off by accident, it’s not quite noticing .

– Under the careful washing clothes washing machine does not squeeze . Check the mode in which you washed things. In this situation, concern in vain , it is worth to include another mode and spin back. When an instruction to the machine specified that this mode has a spin , then contact the service workshop .

– If the machine have difficulties with drain, and there is water in the tank , the spin will not work. Malfunction pump is the main reason that the machine does not drain .

– Overloading the washing machine things can get damaged . He is responsible for the number of revolutions of the drum. Specialist repair machines will be able to handle such a failure if the sensor is not broken , but only weakened its screw.

– The most frustrating failure – is a problem in the electronic module . Electronic board controls all the unit , so without any professional assistance in such a situation can not do.

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