Section of mortgage apartment in a divorce

Section of mortgage apartment in a divorce-During the divorce and division of property acquired in a mortgage, there may be two versions of events. Since the banks are willing to insure against risks in the event of divorce spouses, and lack of income of one spouse does not allow yourself to get a loan secured by real estate, the mortgage is often made ​​out to both spouses. Then section apartment is fairly easy and difficult: in half between husband and wife.

Note, however, that in equal parts to share not only real estate, but also the debts of the rent, bills to pay utility bills and even pets.

You must also be aware of the term of limitation. According to him, the division of property after divorce should be made in time after the dissolution of the marriage up to three years. That is, after three years, to present their claims to the property no longer makes sense, as former members of the family by the time do not have any rights in the housing. This can be avoided by submitting proof of the impossibility of going to court in this period of time for any good reason, such as illness or a business trip. Hence, the solution of housing problem should be dealt with immediately after the dissolution of a legal marriage.

Advantages and disadvantages of a reverse mortgage

Mortgage or buy an apartment in installments

Mortgage or buy an apartment in installments-Around dispute that, after all, is more beneficial when buying a flat – one mortgage or installment scheme, there is a huge amount of debate. These two schemes, each in his own way, good and interesting, both have advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at both.


Before you get a mortgage on the property, the buyer will have to make a lot of effort. To your bank has consented to receive the mortgage you will need to verify their reliability, in terms of solvency. To do this, you will need to put together a package of certain documents, and then submit it to your chosen financial institution. Then your part will be to wait solutions. The period for which you have to pay on the loan is not more than 30 years. Well, the first mandatory contribution may be relatively small – 10%. In this case, it is always possible to repay the loan early.


Actions whose purpose is to design installment, a little easier. Property buyer can not harrass a paper, as well as bureaucratic procedures. Documents that you will need, limited passport. The most common and most reliable way in our time, is to buy an apartment in installments from the builder. The buyer with the seller, with the signing of an agreement on the acquisition of property, enter into a contract pae accumulation. It is this document provides installments until the full completion of construction, or for some longer period. Making installments, you do not run the risk of failure, but at the same time and their ownership of the property you will be able to issue only after the complete elimination of debt. The average maturity is calculated from six months to 2 years. In this case, the possibility of early payment is provided. Down payment is much more serious – 30-50%.

what is an apr for mortgage rates

Buying property in installments, you have to bear the financial burden more serious than in the alternative mortgage lending. In addition, the timing of the final settlement, in the case of payment by installments, are minimal.

Experts note that the installment is beneficial to those who are 100% sure that will soon receive a large sum of money. It is, basically, people who expect to receive any inheritance, or have the opportunity to realize the previous living space. Can safely use the installment plan as businessmen, basic finances which are enclosed in a sturdy case and is guaranteed to bring their owners a quick profit.

In these circumstances, the experts concluded that the property in installments, to date, more interested buyers of luxury housing and mortgages is more suitable for those who are closer to the economy – and the business class.

Mortgage lending to foreign citizens in Bulgaria

Mortgage lending to foreign citizens in Bulgaria – Like holiday in Bulgaria . Yes, and so what you want to buy your own house or apartment on the coast of this country to come to rest in his home without contacting the hotels and tourist companies. Desire is available, but do not allow the financial capacity to pay a tidy sum .

Out there – laws allow Bulgaria to take loans to purchase real estate to foreign citizens . Issue such loans for up to twenty years , up to sixty percent of the cost of providing an interest rate of eight to nine percent. Additional fees and commissions when buying ready-made housing and unfinished virtually identical.

Non-payment of the mortgage would how much seized payroll

How to get a loan , you ask? Try to understand

To obtain a mortgage loan , you will need to complete an application modeled on the bank and put an initial payment in the prescribed amount of the bank ( typically 0.25 percent of the amount requested ) . During this period there is no need to provide the original documents . Communicate with the bank , you can through the Internet. Over two days the bank is considering your application , received the documents and issues a preliminary decision on the authorization or refusal of a loan and puts you notify . Rate for application processing is 1-1.5 % of the credit .
If the decision is positive you will need to pass the following documents to the bank for credit analysis .

– Legally certified copy of the passport;
– The original document confirming solvency : extracts from banks on deposit accounts , an income statement ;
– Citizenship documents and property on the specified bank samples ;
– Power of attorney issued by a local bank inmate sample and certified ( document must be in Bulgarian) ;
– Preliminary contract of sale .

Depending on the circumstances may require , and other documents.
If during the inspection will be found any discrepancies, you may be denied access to credit.
Upon receipt of all documents and assess the value of the object of purchase by the bank for ten days will tell you the final decision on your credit. When you get money , you will need to pay another 100 Euros per year for the management of credit.

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